Top Nutrition Deficiency in [LUPUS], Autoimmune SLE (Vitamins Minerals, Natural Herbs, Supplements)

Have Lupus? Want to know how the 'Phyto Diet' can heal INFLAMMATION for good?

10“Fuel the Mind, Heal the Gut, Reclaim Immunity”

Have Lupus? Want to know how the 'Phyto Diet' can heal INFLAMMATION for good?

A Primer on Phytonutrients: The Phyto Diet Primer


Show Notes:

Nutritional Deficiencies seen in Lupus

    1) Vitamins- D3, B12

    2) Minerals- Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium

    3) Phyto-Nutrients

         a. Terpenes- Carotene, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Erinacines

         b. Polyphenols- Curcumin, Quercetin, Resveratrol, Flavonals

         c. Chlorophyll

         d. Isothiocyanates- Glucoraphanin, Sulphoraphane

         a. Phyto Oils- ALA, GLA, Omega, Oleic, Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)


There are a whole host of conditions associated with phytonutrient deficiency, the list includes: Eczema, Allergies, UTIs, Irritable Bowel (IBS), IBD, Crohn's/Colitis, SIBO, Candida, GERD, Viral illnesses, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder, Sjrogrens, Autoimmune Thyroiditis, Migraine Headache, Neuropathy, and Fibromyalgia.  


Although I am a licensed, and practicing surgeon, with over a decade of experience helping people overcome inflammatory disease,  the presented material is intended for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use your best judgment and consult with a healthcare professional regarding your needs.


"As always: Be TRUE to yourself. Surround yourself with people who affirm your wellbeing. Find a doctor who will slow down to listen. Find one who carefully considers your concerns and most of all--find one who cares."

Dr. Chanu R. Dasari, MD

You may be surprised to know that certain nutritional deficiencies can

make lupus worse and I'm not

talking about fats carbs and proteins. You'll want

to stick around for this one. Hi everyone. I'm Dr. Chanudasri. I

hope my clients solve their immune inflammation in digestive dysfunction

using the Mind gut immunity method this

clinical approach has helped thousands of patients resolve their

symptoms some of those little as six weeks without the

need for complex or costly interventions in

this video. I'll show you the Top nutritional deficiencies in

lupus and I'm willing to bet that some of these you

won't expect

I'll show you how these deficiencies play out

and what you can do to prevent them. Now. Keep in

mind that having good nutrition plays an important role in

downregulating inflammation in the body. So when

the body doesn't have certain nutrients the inflammation can

get totally out of control this material you're about to watch is

taken Straight Out of My Mind get immunity Academy where people just

like you learn how to beat their lupus symptoms for

good. Even when the diagnosis is unclear in the

course, we review several additional nutrients that can be useful for

dressing inflammation my other video. I mentioned that there were five

main triggers for inflammation and these five triggers are

diet digestion sleep stress and exercise

and if you want to check out that video for some background take a

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Now on the topic of nutritional deficiencies the mistake

I see most people make is that they just assume that

they're eating a balanced diet. But what exactly is a

balanced diet, we know that the standard American diet can

actually make inflammation worse, but why is that knowing what

nutrients were deficient in can be very valuable for reversing disease

quickly and that's why we talk about it here.

Also recall that what I said in my other videos most

inflammation starts in your gut and you

shouldn't be surprised by this considering around 70 to 80% of

your immune system is contained in your gut. So when you

have an inflammatory disease, you need to take a close look at

what's going on with diet and digestion frequently inflammation starts

in the intestines. So to heal inflammation,

you need to heal the gut. So before we discuss the Top

nutritional deficiencies, if you're serious about healing the gut

to improve lupus and Achieve results fast, check

out a free training that I put together where our walk you

through the specific strategies that have helped my clients achieve success

within six weeks. You can access it at the link below the video

and I know what will help you so much the link takes you

to a page where you enter in your email to receive a free training on

how to reverse lupus everything you need to know is in

there including a free nutritional guide with specific dietary recommendations and

tons of helpful case studies that people just like you who

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The case studies are valuable because you'll see how real people dealt with

their inflammation were able to improve their health as a result.

The training comes with complete actionable game plan for

how you can do this at home. Just entering your email at the top of the

page and get started. Now. Let's talk about nutritional deficiencies. I

recorded this video earlier and it discusses. What's probably deficient

in your diet.

The most common vitamin deficiencies are vitamin D3 and vitamin


Mineral deficiencies include magnesium zinc and

selenium phytonutrients are molecules

from plants and fungi that exert a strong

positive influence on human health think superfoods their

anti-inflammatory antioxidant and

anti-aging what most doctors don't

tell us is that there are thousands of scientific papers

that show phytonutrients reverse inflammation. In

fact, all the pharmaceutical companies have

tried to replicate these results using medications. So

it's very important that you know, what phytonutrients are

and how you can use them to heal your body high Fido

diets means less inflammation.

My Philosophy is that every time you eat is an opportunity

to fuel the Mind heal the gut and reset

immunity so don't squander these opportunities, I'm

a strong believer in high dose

phytonutrients supplementation every day

with every meal terpenes are brain boosters.

They're nootropics. They help nerves they

boost mood Aiden digestion alleviate pain

and improve concentration.

They are obviously anti-inflammatory and contained in

foods such as mushrooms hemp spices herbs Etc.

There are also found in large amounts in citrus peel zest

and things like peppermint basil anise.

Fennel ginkgo biloba ginseng bakoba


Some of the ones to be aware of are carotene found in carrots leucine

monoterpenes dieterpenes try

terpenes and tetroterpenes and Arena

scenes found in mushrooms. My favorite way is to consume them

are teas spices mushrooms and

organic Whole Food extracts. Next we

have phenols also called polyphenols These

are special plant micronutrients that

optimize mind got immune function.

They include things like quercetin came

for all my receiptan routine

apigen luteolin kitachins

from lentils. Peace. Ashwagandha green

tea flavonals from berries and red wine.

Resveratrol that's the one Dr. Oz made famous.

Curcumin from turmeric tannins from tea

berries and bark cinnamate galate

capsaicin from Chiles gingerol. Routen

farulate camphor bromelain

Thea Flavin from

various herbs and spices.

Now my favorite ways to consume phenols are

dark berries green vegetables spices tea.

beans and lentils

If you consume beans and lentils soak them overnight and pressure

cook them. They have these complex proteins called lectins which

can cause problems with leaky gut inflammation and

digestion. But all you need to do is soak them

and pressure cook them and the lectins disappear.

Okay moving on.

Chlorophyll is an phytonutrient found in

most plants and Marine algae. It's responsible

for photosynthesis, which is a process that

converts sunlight radiation into energy.

Chlorophyll is a powerful scavenger of

free radicals and toxins in the body. My favorite

ways to consume them are in salads and shakes with

lots of green and leafy vegetables.

Important to know chlorophyll is heat sensitive. So don't

overcook the veggies. You can eat them raw or

lightly steam them or blanch them.

If you fry them or burn them, they pretty much lose all

their chlorophyll.

I like these cold-pressed green juices and wheatgrass

shots from those fancy juice bars. They have a ton

of chlorophyll in them. Okay, next thiocyanates are

found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli brussels sprouts

cauliflower and cabbage bok choy

kale Wasabi horse radish

and capers.

The most well-known nutrient in this family is sulfurophane,

which is a powerful liver detoxifier.

The reason that's important is the liver filters

the blood coming from the gut. So it's a very important organ

that regulates inflammation my favorite way to

consume sulfurophane and thiocyanates are solids

and shakes but I'll give you suggestion if you

add a bit of powdered mustard, it contains an enzyme that helps

sulfirophane metabolize in the body all so

broccoli Sprouts have 10 times the amount of sulfurane than

the actual flower. So try to incorporate sprouts and

microgreens into your recipes phyto oils.

This is a very important category because most of

your fat should come from Fido oils.

examples include Alpha linoleic acid

ala or omega-3 for short

Gamma linolenic acid which is

a CIS omega-6 acid.

Palmettolayic acid which is Omega 7

and oleic acid which is Omega 9 a couple

things to mention here for ala natural sources

tend to be better than supplements because they work better

in the human body.

For the gamma-linolenic acid. It's the

only omega-6 that is anti-inflammatory because

it's the CIS. Isomer.

Sis is the opposite of trans trans fats

are bad. CIS fats are good. But if

you have a trans omega-6, which can

come from Mostly animal sources this can sometimes

be harmful. So just to reiterate all four of

the beneficial phyto oils listed here are Omega

CIS fatty acids not trans fats.

Finally, the last one on the final oils list

is pea. It's got a very long name

that you don't need to memorize and it's found mostly in avocados.

But if you're trying to get good phyto oils and fats

into your diet go for flax Chia Walnut

almonds avocado nut

milk genuine olive oil and sea Buckthorn


Also, I wanted to briefly comment about all of oil

I emphasize genuine olive oil because there was

a recent published report that found many brands of

extra virgin olive oil are mixed with other less healthy

oils. So do your research look for

the ones with a light green tint to them and have a bit

of a grassy taste to them if I had a nutrients determine

whether someone ends up taking lifelong medication versus beating

their inflammation for good.

Throughout history. This is also been the case phytonutrition has

its roots in ancient civilizations like

Native Americans Africans Greek Roman Indian

Chinese and Asian.

Most humans for many Millennia have used plants and

herbs and fungi as medicine to cure ailments. In

fact many modern Pharmaceuticals you see out there are derived

from these phyto compounds and in partial of the

world where they grow their own food immune disease is practically

non-existent. So when people downplay Fido,

I sort of laugh because it's actually the original

therapy that prevented inflammation. All right. I hope

you enjoyed that video now. I want to know what phytonutrients are

you most interested in learning more about leave

a comment below and let me know your thoughts. I'll

make more videos on these topics. Also if

you like this video help support my channel by sharing this

with your fellow loved ones and be sure to subscribe for more

useful tips. You can follow me on social at dossery

MD and as always, this is Dr. Dostery with

the mindga community clinic. Thanks for watching and I'll see

you next time.


Key takeaways

  • Vitamins- D3, B12
  • Minerals- Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium
  • Phyto-Nutrients

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