Retiree fixes Rheumatoid, Eczema, IBS Irritable Bowel, Migraines + Insomnia with Gut Health Foods

Denise reversed her Rheumatoid Arthritis in 6 weeks, using the Mind-Gut-Immunity Method.

This is a recorded video-conference at month 6 discussing her progress, recapping  his long-journey dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Eczema, IBS, Migraines, and Insomnia which did not respond to multiple therapies for many years.

Topics Discussed (Show Notes):

2:00- Gut health, bacterial overgrowth

3:25- Concierge medicine

4:30- Histamine dysfunction: Eczema dermatitis, contact dermatitis, nail oncocytic changes, plaque

5:48- Physical Therapy

7:10- Stopped Migraine Medications

7:16- Stopped Rheumatoid Medications

8:45- MGI Method

9:09- Gut Microbiome Hacking

10:12- Natural Supplements, Food Diary for tracking intolerances

10:18- 2 weeks for inflammation to stop

11:05- Phytonutrients prevent 16+ severe migraines monthly

12:11- Nutritional Deficiencies

12:32- Rheumatologist, Headache Specialist did not address inflammation

13:33- Gastroenterologist, EGD endoscopy, colonoscopy, blamed nervous stomach, emotions

13:45- Levsin, Hyoscyamine medication for intestinal spasms; opiate pain medication

15:13- Tired of SO MANY doctors, without improvement of symptoms

16:33- Leg cramps

17:00- Balancing salt and sugar in the diet

17:45- Processed foods, vs. Whole foods, farmer's market grown produce

19:45- Lifestyle changes

21:53- Life without inflammation

22:10- Magnesium glycinate for sleep and migraines

23:10- Magnesium deficiency

There are a whole host of conditions associated with dysfunctional immune inflammation, the list includes: Eczema, Allergies, UTIs, Irritable Bowel (IBS), IBD, Crohn's/Colitis, SIBO, Candida, GERD, Viral illnesses, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder, Sjrogrens, Autoimmune Thyroiditis, Migraine Headache, Neuropathy, and Fibromyalgia

in this video you'll meet Denise one of my patients who reversed her rheumatoid arthritis eczema irritable bowel and migraines over six months ago immediately after starting the Mind gut immunity protocols it's a great interview that you're not going to want to miss

and I got very emotional and I said I said I'm done I I cannot live with these migraines I can't live rolled up in a ball after I eat every time I was I was and the rheumatoid right I mean the rumors I mean that is it but you know that was like on the cake yeah that was just icing on the cake because those other two things they were controlling in my life that truly so now I'm traveling now I'm doing things really now I'm getting motion because it really changed my life and I'm very grateful to you for that because I knew I had to do something the pills weren't helping I had I just had to change hi there I'm Dr chanu dasari I'm a surgeon who specializes in reversing gut microbiome dysfunction and autoimmune inflammation here you will hear directly from one of my patients who solved her illness several months ago she had rheumatoid arthritis eczema migraines irritable bowel syndrome and sleep dysfunction which all resolved in a matter of weeks my technique for resolving symptoms in as little as six weeks has helped thousands of patients over the years and is called the Mind gut immunity method and if you would like to learn more visit to enroll in a free training now let's hear from Denise hey thanks for joining me again today I'm happy to be here I haven't seen you in a bit yeah yeah what's been going on so I am it's been six months yeah right six months since we started working together yes and um had a little kerfuffle in that time my stomach is really um sensitive and I think it was I I know we differ with this but I think it was from something I ate and I got bacteria within me yeah and you were kind enough to let me have my Illusions or whatever they are and gave me antibiotics but the antibiotics really did help they because it was just hanging on it wasn't leaving I don't know if it would have left by itself it might have it just seemed to be getting worse and worse yeah so but you're feeling better now I'm back on everything again I'm feeling better now and I went off my migraine medication and because of my stomach and all that that happened in the antibiotics that I was on I've reintroduced them and I've taken the whole panel of them again and then the whole regimen yes the whole regiment and I'm feeling great so take us through I know we when you first came to me six months ago we were you came to me for a completely different reason right and then we got to chatting about your rheumatoid arthritis right and then after that we also were uh you know a few week few months after that we were also chatting about your migraines yes um take me through uh sort of what the process was um you know dealing with rheumatoid arthritis prior up prior to that point okay well um I had uh mdvip doctor those are like the concierge type doctors right yeah and I have had them for I think it was eight years nine years eight years now it was a decade yeah and I did they knew me really well but everything was addressed with medication so pills pills medications and and I mean they helped me you know I was in very bad shape when I went to them and I was anemic and I wasn't able to eat and I had lost I was a hundred and I'm a hundred and Thirty now I was 110 now oh wow so I was really initiated I couldn't I actually couldn't eat and she helped me with that and I was taking pain meds then because I had gotten um I was injured in my job and I was assaulted and I so we just kept with that regimen let's see and and you had a rheumatologist at the time too right um no not until I ended up getting a really bad plaque on my hands I didn't I I suffered from uh eczema oh it was like somebody told me years ago that it was um contact dermatitis dermatitis yeah but it's gone off and on all these years and then my nails got very peculiar and then I got this heavy plaque on my feet and on my and on my hands and went to the dermatologist and she said you because my um my other doctor the concierge doctor she was giving me uh creams and different things but nothing nothing was touching it so during this whole process sounds like so you had um you had a injury obviously and then you had rheumatoid arthritis and then you also had eczema right and you also had migraines in terms of this period of time it sounds like you were plugged into a decent team of doctors yes from what I'm gathering it was mostly they're mostly trying to give medications and creams or uh and physical therapy and you know you just you just check up the list right right go through the motions you do do all that and I did that for years and I just started to gain weight I started to get better but all the other stuff was not better my stomach was a mess by the time I came to you I we used to call them my incidents my poor husband he would say oh it's true if it's your time of the week to get your incident like I would eat and then I would be I would be rolled up in a ball on the bed suffering so yes I was what um was there any discussion during this time frame about the gut microbiome sleep stress exercise well exercise and stress you know you do a thing with them every year and they go over all your numbers and whether you remember things and they do all your arteries and you know they do all the tests yeah and you know how are you sleeping really well okay there's a pill for that you know no really chill for everything right really new though I I can't even tell you what my in my kitchen I have a Shelf with these two little rotary things and they're all my pills I don't know now the only pills that are there are actually excited for migraine and all the rest of them are there of them you don't even take the migraine pills anymore right you barely take them right yeah so that's so you're so you're not taking any medication for your rheumatoid no you're not taking you're not I mean every now and then but you yeah we're taking a lot more uh migraine medication you're not taking any migraine medications a lot of my brain medication I would get there's so many I think it was um nine a month and by two weeks they were gone wow I mean they were so bad that I had gotten this thing from Canada where it puts sensors on your head and no I did everything truly I truly I did everything and because if when you have migraines and anybody who has migraines understands you'll do anything to get rid of them I I know when it's happened and my eye goes my left eye and then the pain comes and want to be dark and you want to roll on the ball and you don't want to do anything and now even you know when I went off my medication I mean my my herbs and my supplements when my stomach got upset I got the migraines came back but they were not I mean when I say I had two in a month that were very intense but mine are also um the weather barometric pressure hits me too so but but that but the herbs and supplements I was taking for that kept that at back so we started working together around six months ago and um we we tried the Mind gut immunity method to try to fix a lot of these issues and I think the the approach obviously in my clinic has always been let's try to figure out the root causes behind all this and you've also been sort of on this pathway yourself you know very in tune with your own body and trying to figure out what's going on I think one of the first conversations we had was about the gut microbiome and how it affects so much of inflammation in our body um and since working and so we started that about six months ago how soon after we started that process started the protocols like the entire process would you say your symptoms were essentially gone and I'm talking about symptoms from your rheumatoid arthritis um by that time your eczema was come kind of coming down and uh and also your um your migraines yes so I started it and I will tell you I was you had your doubts I was yeah you were skeptical I know I've been through a lot of things I was been a vegetarian for 35 years you know I've done work like that so so I came to you when you said I remember specifically use I'm saying you say well what do you eat night and you ever eaten outside and I said I love nuts I don't eat them because I can't and you said you will and I went okay we'll see you're right that's what you'd see so when I started taking the supplements I kept a buck every day wrote them down diary right yes and um I'm gonna say two weeks I it was almost like my stomach just went ah everything calmed down it just kind of like like I could breathe again because I it wasn't when the next incident was going to happen when you know my stomach was going to cramp up when I when I was going to be rolled up in bed so about two weeks and I went and you know maybe I'm just going through it could be having a good two weeks yeah because I've had that right but then I kept going and then my migraines if I got them they would be really much less like you used to get them like like almost a dozen times a month right yeah oh yeah I think it was fairly frequent and fairly and every time you'd be out right yes yes I can't I can't drive I can't you know cook I can't I can't and then after we put you on the right sort of phytonutrient profile then it just went down substantially right substantially and if I do get them I get them they're nothing like the ones that I used to get I could interestingly enough I was somebody was coming over I was making a dinner I could feel it coming the wind was blowing and I took too exciting migraine excedrins you know and not the prescription I made dinner I had a nice night I could have never done that never done that in the past yeah you know one of the things that I notice when I'm talking to patients is that their nutritional deficiencies are not really addressed so I see it very commonly that they have micronutrient deficiencies and these are one of the things that these are one of the first things that we correct right like we're that's the long speech I give you at the beginning I'm like hey this this whole process we're going to do together it's not totally straightforward but and there is a learning curve but you know as you get through the process you'll understand hey we need these these phytonutrients in our diet right that's one thing I try to educate folks on and then the other one really is like the is resetting your gut microbiome right yeah like that's a huge piece right before that like you've been to rheumatologists you've been to you know these headache Specialists you've been to concierge VIP doctors and there's never a real good strategy of how to decrease inflammation in the gut and but that was like the number one source of discomfort for you right like every time you have these incidents since it was in your in your gut you know and the migraine I would know I'm getting it with your and everything about my stomach wow is that right yeah so my style my stomach gets Creasy and I go uh okay now you know and then it would go into the migraine right then you're right kind of the rheumatoid symptoms so the last gastroenterologist enterologist I was too um I had a whole issue with my stomach they did uh endoscopy they did a colonoscopy and he said you know what you just need to calm down you just have a nervous stomach oh no and so we just blame it on your emotions when you walked in I was so livid I almost came up off the chair you're in pain you're not feel I mean I was in such pain they gave me pills for it of course but I was in such pain I was just spasming constantly what pills did they give you um I think it's called lepson okay okay and um yeah that was and you also took the opiate pills right for a while yes pain medications yeah and that was you know just awful me going to the bathroom every day is a miracle yeah yeah no no no my whole life I've had trouble no matter if I was a vegetarian what diet I would go on what herbs and supplements I had taken in my life it never was like this but now I would say most all those problems are resolved right yes yeah so I know in the last six months you've had a great time you've tossed you've tossed all your pills now you just have a little storage drawer with all of your old pills um I you know part of this was I wanted I wanted some I wanted our uh you know the people to figure out like what are some of the challenges you saw through your care and what are some of the lessons I think you learned through this whole process okay you have to be open when you're in pain if you come to the point now I I don't know if you remember when I came here I was done I know you were done with doctors you were like you're like my husband said go and I want I don't want to go to another dog usually you don't end up in a surgeon's office as your first choice right you're like why why am I going right and I just I and I told you and I got very emotional and I said I'm done I I cannot live with these migraines I can't live rolled up in a ball after I eat every time I was I was and the rheumatoid right I mean the room I mean that is it but you know that was like on the cake yeah that was just icing on the cake because those other two things they were controlling my life that were truly so now I'm traveling now I'm doing things really now I'm getting emotion because it really changed my life okay and I'm very grateful to you for that because I knew I had to do something the pills weren't helping I had I just had to change I I just had and you know it's I when I looked at I remember coming out of the office and looking at all the supplements and everything and gone okay how is this gonna work but I was so desperate at that point I just said so what are you doing now like you know you're in pain you're suffering so what are you doing so that'd be sorry so keeping an open mind yeah you know we there were little bumps I I ended up traveling and I called you because I was sitting in a restaurant and I was having breakfast and I was sitting there I got such a cramp up my leg I could I remember that call I couldn't like I had to get back to my room because I was in the hotel I could hardly get there it was black and blue that's how bad the cramp was so when you said to me do these things I did them religiously exactly how you told me and I told you I was a salt monger and I loved sugar and I said oh it's really going to be hard to go off sugar for me it was a salt and I didn't understand that and realize that but I took salt out of everything there was hardly any any kind of sodium in anything I took that was not for me I had to reinduce something I know I don't do anything I remember your levels were a little low and that's what happened and then and when you had a tiny bit of salt it actually helped right yes absolutely and I was getting cramped my toes were cramping and now I know if I'm not having getting the proper amount of salt yeah I'll just add some in my food which I stopped doing right but I do that only because I know that if I'm getting a little crampy that way you're also a special case because most of the clients I work with they're eating a bunch of processed food and they're eating a bunch of this other stuff right you are always a pretty clean eater okay that's the I mean you know what I mean like always preparing your own Foods yes you're the one that got me plugged into the farmer's market here I mean with like organic greens and like you know the grow you know got me plugged into the Growers directly and so I you know I think I think that piece is important because there wasn't a lot of salt maybe to even begin with in your diet right right and then like you know if you were to cut back even further maybe that was a little too much but uh it sounds like you've you've kind of have found I did I found the balance of that so yeah because you and you said to me when I told you that and I told you because I was in LA it was hot it was you know I was leaving losing it was very humid I was and I just think I lost the salt out of my body and dehydrated right right so but you said to me you knew your body better you know go with what you think your body needs and so like I said I use salt now I use it sparingly but my food is still clean I don't you know I'm not doing process things by the way your salt intake is very low I like I hope you know I mean you know that right well I I feel a little guilty sometimes when I'm going oh my God I could put salt on something because you know I love this stuff but uh interesting somebody had asked me I was I was somewhere and we were talking and they said well with this diet because I'm always telling people about it and they said I do and you know um what do you think is different and I said I taste things you know when you now I ate clean except my sugar yeah yeah you know I like to bake things I like to you know and it doesn't seem to be the gluten for me but Dairy was big right because you know swans and all different kinds of things I'm making yeah and so then I started to taste my food you know you get things from the farmer's market you get things fresh they taste much better they taste even better now because my taste buds have readjusted and you're more sensitive right yeah overly seasoning things yeah and it takes a minute two I I know it's it would be harder for other like my sister said to me I I can't do that and I said well you can I said you know it's not that hard it's just it's just like retraining yourself you know and if I'm gonna bake something for me like I still bake regular but if I'm gonna make something for me I'll use gluten free and I'll use them under I mean now when I was a vegetarian all those years ago in this country club you couldn't get yes I mean they would blame it every restaurant if I had to go out and I go to oh we have salad we can make you better you know olive oil pasta so thank you very much but now it's so I it's so much easier there's farmers markets everywhere there's sprouts and Whole Foods and you know all these places and if you have to go to Albertsons you go to Appleton's end but you get the right things yeah you get the right things well that's great um one of the things I was gonna say is you know since we started working together I've had a tremendous amount of interest from folks around the world really that have had autoimmune disease specifically rheumatoid arthritis specifically eczema even migraines and I'm I'm always trying to uh you know trying to educate them on these little these processes and the the categories that they kind of fall into or the diet the digestion the sleep and the exercise and really just go into like what you know how to fix these and if if you could say what one of the most challenging things were for you or maybe go into maybe like what how you see yourself kind of growing your culinary aptitude I guess in the next several years you know I kind of want to know about the challenges and then and then sort of what you're looking forward to Okay so I think that when you start to eat this way you expect everything to taste that way because like you said your taste buds get used to it and so what's life like now without inflammation without inflammation I'm not rolled up in a ball I'm going out more I'm doing

you told me when we started also I asked you about the Magnesium glycate clay snake yeah okay and so he said just take it I don't have to take two at night and I went okay and I said what does this help me within you said sleep okay my sleep is very broken and very bad and then we I'm one of our entire sleep inventory right like I went through a whole checklist of items and that's that's kind of I do that with everyone right because sleep is a big thing yeah it's a huge thing it gets overlooked people don't even understand like how much sleep helps inflammation and so that's nice you're finally enjoying sleep now yeah you don't have any inflammation right no and because when you're in pain yeah your sleep gets interrupted and you told me take these and I'm thinking yeah they try to give me sleeping pills I was taking pain I was taking on these are going to make me help me sleep you know it turns out like you know how I said the people have micronutrient deficiencies well the one of the most common mineral deficiencies people have is magnesium people it's like almost 80 of the US population people don't even know it you know so so four out of five people walking around have low magnesium levels I must have been one of them because I'll tell you that really and I'm thinking two of them I don't really none and it works within a few days I was actually asleep and my husband said

okay yeah well I really appreciate you coming over and sharing your experience it means a lot and uh well I do it for you I wouldn't do this no God you're laughing thank you my house husband knows that I wouldn't do he says you're going to be on like a camera thing and I said yeah you're going to be on the camera yeah and I said I would only do it for you because I'm so grateful to you I appreciate it and just

a lot of Life to Live and yeah everybody is to take care of and yeah [Music] busy Grandma now so that's why I'm so grateful to you because it's really helpful well I'm glad thanks thank you so I hope you enjoyed that segment if you made it to the end just know that Total Recovery is possible and you don't need to be on medications for the rest of your life if you enjoyed my content don't forget to like And subscribe and if you think this video will help someone that you know be sure to repost a link to this video and as always I'm Dr chanu dasri with the Mind gut immunity clinic and I'll see you next time [Music]

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