Health Coach, fixes ANA+, SLE Lupus, Autoimmune after top rheumatologist failed, Trauma, Food, Diet

Our health coach reversed her ANA+ Autoimmune Lupus one year ago. She has addressed the root-causes of her inflammation using the Mind Gut Immunity Method

This is a recorded interview at Year 1 discussing her progress, recapping her long-journey dealing with severe inflammation, butterfly rash, joint pain, fatigue, which were not correctly treated for many years

Topics Discussed (Show Notes):

2:47- Initial symptoms, Emergency Room visits, delayed diagnosis

3:49- Fast heart rate, high blood pressure, stroke-like symptoms, cardiac medications

4:37- Butterfly rash on the face, photosensitivity, eyes dry and burning, uveitis.

5:38- Neurologist eval, convulsions, numbness, neuropathy paralysis, nerve conduction studies

6:22- ANA+, low level

6:46- Rheumatologist hard to find, booked out, long wait, but eventually did not help

8:18-  Took time off work.

9:38- Hydroxycholoroquine (HCQ), Plaquinil, side-effects, nausea, vomiting, hospitalized

11:16- Emotional Eating

11:50- Mother-in-law had coma, medical caregiving, then eventual death 6 months later

12:50- Trauma and Autoimmune disease

13:40- Coping mechanisms, Stress

14:08- Smoking

14:31- Anti-inflammatory diets were conflicting, unclear, confusing

15:38- The Mind-Gut-Immunity Method for reversing Lupus

16:20- Digestive problems resolved, Mental health, personal growth

17:07- Phytonutrient Teas (

17:57- Lost 70 Lbs, Obesity, overweight resolved

19:14- Cheat days, how to reintroduce foods, when healthy

21:10- Healthy upbringing

22:15- Changed Careers to avoid stressful office, bad snacking

23:22- Now has health education background

24:40- Health is #1 Priority (everyone deserves to be well)

25:40- Lupus nephritis, kidney failure, medical system is de-personalized

26:40- Healing in a Culture of Toxicity

There are a whole host of conditions associated with dysfunctional immune inflammation, and altered microbiome.  The list includes: Eczema, Allergies, UTIs, Irritable Bowel (IBS), IBD, Crohn's/Colitis, SIBO, Candida, GERD, Viral illnesses, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder, Sjrogrens, Autoimmune Thyroiditis, Migraine Headache, Neuropathy, and Fibromyalgia

trauma stress emotional eating that's the story of Mariah my latest patient turned health coach who solved for systemic lupus butterfly rash joint pain and fatigue all naturally in six weeks after joining my clinic and using the Mind gut immunity method lots of important lessons here you're not going to want to miss this

hi there I'm Dr chado dasri I'm a surgeon who specializes in reversing gut microbiome dysfunction and autoimmune inflammation my technique for reversing symptoms in as little as six weeks has helped thousands of patients over the years and is called the Mind gut immunity method and if you would like to learn more visit and enroll in a free training now in this upcoming video you'll meet Mariah she once had a stressful career at an Architecture Firm and lived a very unbalanced lifestyle her poor diet emotional eating and a recent traumatic experience created autoimmune anti-nuclear antibodies she had disturbing symptoms that landed her in the emergency room prior to enrolling in my clinic she searched for many experts was evaluated at hospitals and outpatient clinics she even saw a rheumatologists who wanted to prescribe her plaquinol hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of Lupus but even after considering steroids and a whole host of immunomodulating medications over the years to try to reverse her illness Mariah was back to square one trying to fix her autoimmune disease by addressing the root causes so let's dive in here you'll see me and Mariah having a discussion in my office one year after she beat her autoimmune disease and kicked her lupus symptoms for good at this point she's totally symptom-free and off all her medications and these results were achieved using the Mind gut immunity method an approach that optimizes diet digestion sleep stress and exercise to achieve a healthy gut microbiome and reverse epigenetic triggers of inflammation she not only managed to solve her Ana positive lupus but also gained valuable perspective on how trauma and stress played an important role in her illness we get into some pretty deep topics and I really didn't expect the discussion to go there but I would encourage anyone struggling with autoimmune disease to watch this video to the end there are lots of important lessons so let's get started all right thanks for joining me it's been over a year now right with you you being on the manga immunity method and joining our clinic right that's right yeah take us through what kind of LED you here now you have a diagnosis of Lupus yes how did you find out you had lupus uh 2015 I woke up one morning I could not um stop coughing uh the amount of phlegm that was I was pretty it was over I was almost choking I went to the emergency room uh they admitted me because my heart rate was my resting heart rate was over 150. I had blood pressure that was 200 over a hundred plus readings in the hospital Once I arrived um they did think I had TB for a moment and put me in isolation uh came back negative for TB then admitted me to the hospital and I was there for six days my heart rate I had a few of those episodes before pandemic right all pre-pandemic it was two 2015. yeah and I was there for almost a week uh blood pressure they could not control they could not control these heart episodes where my heart rate was you know again stroke level almost stroke level uh the doctors all the tests came back negative every heart test they did and they couldn't figure it out so they gave me uh beta blockers for Angina yeah and they actually um they just sent you home sent me home wow uh they actually released me and my blood pressure was still not under control it was 180 over 110 I will not forget that and they released me from the emergency from the hospital it's pretty dangerous yeah six days and they still didn't do anything no they referred me to a neurologist they thought maybe I had neuropathy issues I was struggling to walk I actually had to use a wheelchair I was so weird what other symptoms did you have I had the butterfly rash on my face that started in 2006. oh wow so you had it for almost nine years prior yes I had 2006 symptoms odd symptoms started starting I was having extreme photosensitivity I was so sensitive to light I had to wear sunglasses all the time my eyes would burn water I was getting splash skin just from being out in the sun for just short periods of time why did it take so how did you eventually get the diagnosis of Lupus when I finally I would have I had some mild odd symptoms from 2006 up until 2015 and then when I had that attack or what I felt like was an attack what landed me in the hospital yeah and so then after that they referred me to a neurologist I went to a neurologist here in town and he actually uh had me stop work for a month he said there was something severely wrong with me and he was going to figure it out he ran I cannot even tell you how many tests he was determined every test I was having convulsions not necessarily seizures but convulsion-like episodes um and just a profound weakness and you said the found neuropathy yes I had no no feeling in my feet I had no reflex in my feet when they did the electroshock on my on my left arm went completely numb for weeks I had no feeling in my arm when they did the electro shock they had electrodes on there I could take the max charge and nothing I felt nothing um and he finally did a Ana an anti-nuclear antibody test and one of the markers one of the antibody markers came back positive and I won't forget because he said you have a little bit of Lupus a little bit right a little bit of Lupus the neurologist yeah he said said I had a little bit because the antibody level was lower and so then he said you need to go see a rheumatologist I went to a rheumatologist I had this was over a nine month period this took and this is before we met right this is way years before we met um and and walk me through that process what was it like trying to find a rheumatologist and once you found one what did they do for you it was stressful um after the hospital stay so that's 2015 the next nine months is what this took so I released from the hospital went and saw the neurologist he took a month or two to do all the tests found a positive a a said you need to go to a rheumatologist that took a few months to get into a rheumatologist and once I got into the rheumatologist I was so um either relieved or excitable pieces I felt like all the pieces and puzzles when I saw some of the symptoms that all made sense and so once I got there I think he either was thinking that I had this diagnosis and I knew and he basically said to me if you he when I told him about the little bit of Lupus he said you don't have a little bit of Lupus you either have lupus or you don't right and I said oh okay and your symptoms are very severe very severe jokingly say a little bit of Lupus right they were I mean it caused me they were small work right yeah I had to take time off work um I was not very functional at work and he said let me run a full rheumatological rheumatologist oh God rheumatologist I'm not going to say that right a room panel a room panel thank you a little antibody panel and he said you know what if you I'm not sure if you really believe me but he said you know what if you have Lupus if it comes back positive I'll treat you over the phone oh wow so what ended up happening he gave me the full room panel mm-hmm and the test came back positive my a came back it came back positive positive again yeah again second time which is unusual I've had friends I do have friends that have Lupus too and they have had years where there's tests where their a came back negative even though they had all the markers for it um so a a came back positive and he uh his uh nurse or assistant called me she said well you have a it's a lower mid-level antibody level it's not high it's lower so you're medium lupus medium right maybe I had a little more lupus right so now I was like oh I have a little more lupus and she said okay we're going to call in a prescription for hydroxychloroquine yeah okay so I started on hydroxide right yeah for what they usually well the you know when you read the side effects for that it's frightening yeah um but I started taking it and you took it every day every day and gave me a three month every day and during that three months that I took it I ended up in the hospital and got a hiatal hernia I don't know if it was from the hydroxychloroquine but I did not it could have been a coincidence I don't know but during that time I ended up vomiting to the point so you couldn't really tolerate medications I had a profound amount of nausea and vomiting which I found vomiting it causes this to worsen your hiatal hernia okay profound vomiting now let me just pause you for a second now was there any just so you'd seen now at this point two Specialists excluding all the people in the hospital right correct so at this time was there any conversation during this time period about what you can actually do to reverse lupus or reverse autoimmune disease like was there any discussion about gut microbiome nothing yes sleep exercise diet digestion any of that no nothing it was here's hydroxychloroquine I took that for three months what was your lifestyle like at that time um

healthy not very not very healthy I knew what were the right foods to eat but I was an emotional eater oh okay and what did you but I didn't understand that at the time I just ate what I craved even though I knew deep down those were not probably the right foods to eat or and of course a lot of stress going on and I was really taking care of yourself yeah I think I was like most people you know that have some sort of emotional uh issue either with food trauma um that year I don't know how personal we're getting but that year that I had all of those symptoms and they were so pronounced and so severe um my uh late husband at the time uh his mom went into a coma for five months I was getting diagnosed at that time that's when all of these symptoms yes stress yes I think the stress and the traumatic of that situation where his mom was in a coma we moved her in and out of places for five months I know this is segwayne this was all happening while I was getting diagnosed and then he died six months later wow death of a spouse death of his mother-in-law of your mother who was in a coma mother-in-law you had cared for somebody she was in a coma family member five months right wow and then and then that's when I had the severe most pronounced system symptoms was during that traumatic time those traumatic events you know I'm surprised by how little this is actually discussed and but it's it's almost Universal I see this in virtually a hundred percent of the autoimmune patients I take care of I see either it's long-standing trauma maybe with a lowercase T it doesn't even have to be some big life event it would be this sort of like constant low-grade stress when you're you know you're you're worried about everybody else's needs except for your own right and you keep doing that you either do that at work you do it for your family you know and it's just it's crazy it's like it always happens to the nice people you know the ones that are just like so giving right and and then we also see it in people with major trauma or some you know some things that happen in childhood or adulthood yes it's it's pretty real and profound and um you know I'm actually exploring more of that in my clinic and talking to people about these sort of things and I think that also becomes the drive for emotional eating of course I think food It's A coping we all have coping mechanisms we all need coping mechanisms in life some are unhealthy and some are healthy and mine was food and it also affects right so if it's just the stress that's one thing but you know like you said it affects what you eat yeah it affects maybe even your sleep it maybe affects like you know how much exercise you're doing all of it right former smoke or two also was a smoker not heavy but a stress smoker if I had a stressful situation I'd smoke I could quit for a couple years but if some stressor came up again coping mechanism so diet was not that healthy so after I had taken in the hydroxychloroquine I decided to research on my own and I saw anti-inflammatory diets online but the messages and the guidelines were just so all over diverse right it's like it I I've seen these diets too nothing consistent one thing doesn't agree with another right and one expert is saying one thing another person's saying another and then you don't even know where to how to referee between the two it's just so confusing right yeah you're doing your own online research trying to figure this all out and it's literally impossible it was too much and so at that point but it did seem that it could be controllable or managed if you managed your diet and exercise and stress and so at that point I didn't go back to the rheumatologist yeah I was done well nothing was really happening right you just kept getting worse and so this this was for several years right and I know you ended up so I have a Surgery Clinic you actually ended up in my surgery clinic for a different issue correct related to like you know a a thing a nodule yes yeah right concerned about yeah and you had heard that I also did a lot of work with gut health and autoimmune disease and that's when we started talking and I said hey would you like to try the mine guts Community method for fixing this and you seem to be totally on board with that and that was about a year ago right that was a year a year ago right now how fast after you started uh that you started did you actually see resolution of your symptoms I feel like four to six weeks and you've had more or less like 80 90 resolution by then right yeah I think you still have a tiny bit of joint pain the arthright right the arthritis in the hands but the other the fatigue digestive issues I had major digestive issues I had abdominal pain cramping uh I could tell that the food I was eating was not digesting well uh the the mental aspect mental Clarity uh not even just the but also the mental aspect of getting away from using food as my coping mechanism the addiction that feeling that I had to keep consuming these highly hyper palatable processed foods and carbs and sugar it was my gut my second brain telling my first brain you need this you have to keep eating this and I couldn't get satiated I was not full [Music]

we revamped your entire diet we actually put you on a phytonutrient diet I started with the tea right away and the tea helped a lot yeah the tea helped almost immediately in terms of at least a feeling of satiation in my stomach and not feeling such a hunger and we're talking about all-natural herbal kind of stuff you can get anywhere really yeah but I think that combination of the tea really helped me personally just as a start around that time we also reset your entire gut microbiome yes you know we use these like patented probiotics to try to get that situated and then and then afterwards it was just kind of putting you on the right track with enough protein enough phytonutrients yes and um and you it solved a lot of your problems right like your weight your weight went you were telling me like how much weight yeah how much weight did you drive I was over 200 pounds when I saw you I was right at about 200 pounds I have lost over 70 pounds whoa and you feel 80 80 since the top part of my weight but 80 yeah you feel great you look great I keep telling you every time you walk into my clinic I'm like man you look great my skin the rash is gone my skin looks better the color is back in my face there's people noticing you know that I got color back in my skin I was looking so pale uh just from the foods I was eating those Foods were doing nothing for my body my skin my mind my health at all yeah nothing there was no benefit once you made the change right that's when you got yes right it was pretty fast it didn't it's not something that took years and years it's like we're talking weeks right yeah yeah well I told you I left your office and I took the diet and I went picked up pizza I picked up pizza the last pizza I'm gonna eat right right it was the last pizza I ate it was it was so that day you left my office that's the last slice of pizza that's the last that's the last time I had pizza and you know I did fall off the wagon a little bit there was some days but it was easier and it doesn't come back right days there were days where you weren't totally perfect no and it didn't matter right because once the inflammation has died down yes then you can enjoy some of the things you used to enjoy when you're healthy right exactly I think a lot of these like the thing I hear a lot of doctors say is to go this thing's genetic right or and it's like there was a time there was a time when you were healthy without losing just eating basically whatever you wanted that's exactly and like that wasn't too long ago that was maybe a decade ago right well and so just to think about all that is like you know maybe we can get back to a place where we're not so inflamed and maybe can enjoy some of those and and for me which I have I mean another back story to my story is I was always a healthy weight but internally uh my body was telling me something was wrong because I was completely unhealthy weight normal weight eating what I wanted like you said and genetically I was not gaining weight nothing was happened but my gallbladder almost burst oh wow so things the wheels fall off at some point but because I was a normal healthy weight most doctors looked at me and said oh you're fine what possibly could be wrong right and at the time what was happening was uh my gallbladder apparently got to the size of almost a football before I got to the emergency room and they removed my gallbladder years before we had even way before no this was 2005. yeah so sounds like that sounds pretty bad even back then you just correct you just didn't know it correct you just didn't know any better exactly your parents are Health nuts right yes it's not like you grew up in you know living in this house where people ate trash no my I thought carob was chocolate as a child my mom uh ground she stone ground her own wheat to make bread wow my parents were very healthy lifting weights uh my mom did Jazzercise for our competitions you know we I grew up in a very healthy the household I was able to just eat what I wanted but I stayed a normal weight so I have experience that you can be both a normal weight and unhealthy and overweight and unhealthy yeah yeah and now you're normally now I'm healthy so I have experienced all sides to that so I do understand you know I understand all sides to that and so I think I can relate with a lot of people in terms of my experience with emotional eating trauma being a healthy weight and unhealthy then gaining 100 pounds and you can help a lot of people finding ways to cope in this last year I know you've had kind of uh you've you've moved on from your previous career correct because you've been inspired to help people with health Journeys yes tell me a little bit about that I was working in architecture and construction for 16 years building commercial buildings uh working in an office environment also very unhealthy snacks treats all the delicious things that come into an office that I partook in all the time and I they decided that I really wanted to get healthy but at that time I had already gained a hundred pounds from eating the standard American diet and it did not take long it only took me probably a little over a year to gain 100 pounds eating that way three times a day all the time drive-throughs fast food soda and I wanted to try to get into the medical field to help people whether it was a nursing or health but I was unhealthy yeah and so I had took your healing yes to now be able to help people yes I think that's fairly powerful you know the perspective that you bring is very it's very unique right you you've been on both sides of this and now you've you now have a health educational background as well that is helping you do this sort of thing and you're healthy now and in the last year you've Fallen back in love with your your culinary yes you know background right and so yeah and it's not just food I know we're talking about a lot of food here but you know this is mitigation of stress trauma sleeping sleeping was huge we went to the whole sleep inventory together um we're talking exercise we uh we all also have diet and digestion you know a lot of these things are now fixed and your problems are gone and yes everything is gone and you're feeling great and it was as easy as sort of making up your mind to do it but it's not so easy right it's not there was people that have looked at me now losing all the weight and they said well you must feel so much better and I sometimes tell them yeah I feel physically better but mentally it's always going to be a challenge because I used food for coping and I think I'm not alone I think there's a lot guilty of that I think there's a lot of and I think that's something that I could help people with to understand because it is a mental challenge of finding other coping mechanisms to deal with making sure that you make your health a priority I watched a show and the person on their side it was a doctor and he said you could lose all your money and you've lost nothing but if you lose your health you've lost everything he's right and I want to be able to share my story and experiences so that I can help others understand that your health should be a priority we all have time constraints and and issues and I think just trying to get a deeper understanding of how food can really heal yeah everyone deserves to be healthy yes right everyone deserves to have either a doctor or a health Team around them that really believes in them and gives them a way to a way out you know a way to become healthy and it's right it's just I think a lot of what people are tired of is taking pills what they're tired of is just being you know shifted from one doctor to another not getting answers and it's just very frustrating I it is because for another reason I knew someone um and she had lupus to the point where it did cause kidney damage and she was in kidney she was in renal failure and her one statement when I found out that that I when I got diagnosed finally was don't let them make you a guinea pig she said I felt like a guinea pig every symptom it was a pill for this pill on top of that more symptoms started to present themselves and then another pill for that and so on and it the process has gotten the met the the medical process has become so depersonalized yes and it's yeah it's algorithms it's it's pills it's protocols and you know that human element just seems to be gone and that art of trying to coach people and work through some of their problems and challenges that actual root cause of what their problem is that ARP has gone it's like it's very hard to find we've lost that even just culturally and as a nation especially here in America where fighting the food landscape and the food industry even just culture yeah it's all wrapped around these hyper palatable hyper-processed foods and so working hard being workaholic right yeah materialism you know always there's a lot there there's there's so many layers to this thing right and the convenience you know having not having time where you know people well healthy food is expensive and I say well healthy prepared food is expensive um healthier foods that you prepare yourself are actually really not yeah actually with the diet the the you know the plan that I provided you actually could save a lot of money oh yeah right because I was eating mostly vegetables and I was just you know it's vegetables and grass-fed beef and I've given the diet to a few of my friends because once they saw you know that I lost weight they're like what are you doing and I sent one just to my neighbor the other day she hadn't seen me and I'm like it's you you even though people say they don't you know a lot of people they don't have the time or the cooking but you really've got to find the time you've got to make the time for your health yeah it's important I think we'll end on that and I really appreciate you coming here and I'm I'm I'm excited about this journey absolutely that I can help you and you can help others and me too you know you can spread your message and your word and and your perspective I think you have a lot of perspective on this and it's it's quite valuable right now thank you I appreciate it thanks thanks so I hope you enjoyed that segment if you made it to the end I hope you gained some valuable perspective on trauma and emotional stress and how they relate to autoimmune disease like systemic lupus also if you enjoyed my content don't forget to like And subscribe and if you think this video will help someone you know be sure to repost a link to this video and as always I'm Dr chanu dasri with the Mind gut immunity clinic and I'll see you next time [Music]

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