Engineer Solves Ulcerative Colitis in 6 weeks, normal fecal calprotectin UC- IBD Holistic + Natural

This is a recorded video-conference at Month 3 discussing his progress, recapping  his long-journey dealing with severe IBD, Ulcerative Colitis, which did not respond to conventional therapies for many years

Topics Discussed (Show Notes):

2:55- Fecal Calprotectin, normalized

3:40- Corticosteroids, Prednisone, Mesalamine

3:53- Bloody diarrhea symptoms, frequent stools, low energy, weight loss, fatigue

4:50- Dietary modification

6:42- Skepticism, doubt

8:19- Onboarding process, Phone calls, text messages

9:30:- Mind Gut Immunity Academy (Online Course)

9:57- Day 1, Quick Start Guide, Protocol Start Checklist

10:40- Customize, personalize program

11:20- Consistency more important than perfection

11:50- Pro-Inflammatory state vs. Anti-inflammatory state,

11:55- Food sensitivity improvement

12:15- Fiber fueled diet review

14:20- Food Diary

14:25- Sleep, Stress, Exercise

15:50- Steroid Taper, Weaning Prednisone

18:01- How to stop medication with confidence

19:40- Steroid-induced Insomnia

21:52- Anxiety, Stress, Doubt

25:22- Virulent E.coli on GI-MAP test Genova Microbial Assay

26:11- After 3 months: Macronutrients, expand diet

28:15- Biohacking for longevity

30:00- Overcoming skepticism, doubt; taking a leap of faith

34:00- Life After Ulcerative Colitis, IBD

There are a whole host of conditions associated with dysfunctional immune inflammation, the list includes: Eczema, Allergies, UTIs, Irritable Bowel (IBS), IBD, Crohn's/Colitis, SIBO, Candida, GERD, Viral illnesses, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder, Sjrogrens, Autoimmune Thyroiditis, Migraine Headache, Neuropathy, and Fibromyalgia

eight years of suffering with ulcerative colitis taking prednisone and mesolamine that's the story of Phil my latest patient to solve ulcerative colitis inflammatory bowel disease all naturally in six weeks after joining my clinic and using the Mind gut immunity method lots of valuable information here about how the program works you're not going to want to miss this

hi there I'm Dr chanu dasri I'm a surgeon who specializes in reversing gut microbiome dysfunction and autoimmune inflammation my technique for reversing symptoms in as little as six weeks has helped thousands of patients over the years and is called the manga immunity method if you'd like to learn more visit and request a discovery call now in this upcoming video you'll meet Phil an engineer who had suffered for eight years with ulcerative colitis prior to enrolling in my clinic he was taking prednisone and mesalamine but still dealing with bloody diarrhea fatigue and weight loss despite his initial skepticism Phil signed up for the program as a leap of faith and I definitely had to earn his trust in the beginning but after he started to see results he became more confident in our methodology here you'll see me and Phil having a discussion over video conference about his progress at three months he was happy to announce to me that he had a normal fecal cow protection level of just 22. and at this point he's totally symptom-free and has been off all his medications including steroids for more than six weeks and these results were achieved using the Mind gut immunity method an approach that optimizes diet digestion sleep stress and exercise to achieve a healthy gut microbiome and reverse epigenetic triggers of inflammation he not only managed to solve his inflammatory bowel disease but also improved his weight strength and resilience so let's get started all right Phil how you doing I'm good I'm good so we're a month we're in month three right he asked about um so give me some updates how are you feeling like what's what's been going on I've been feeling really good um I've just overall just did an increase in everything Just Energy you know motivation just drive uh I feel like I've got my personality back almost you know back when I was flaring up is kind of devoid of everything all I want to do was just lie down motionless on my couch or bed really but yeah I'm feeling great now and uh yeah I'm just excited to move forward and uh and uh in my healing process that's great and you got some Labs back recently right um your fecal Cal protectant level right yeah that's now normal yeah 22. I believe yeah yeah 22. that's amazing and all your inflammatory numbers look like they're they're well within range so that's amazing yeah hey if um if you don't mind I wanted to kind of um go into what got you here you know your diagnosis things like that so yeah you know we um your diagnosis of ulcerative colitis like when did it first present how did you and then what was that process like getting the diagnosis and I mean this is all way before you found me right so yeah I was diagnosed uh in 2015 wow with ulcerative colitis so that's like that's about eight years yeah eight years ago um so I was diagnosed with colitis then and I was just given the typical treatment of a steroid at first to all my symptoms down then I was I was prescribed mesalamine uh so now I would just I was just taking that and I was fine my symptoms uh settle down what symptoms do you have uh just the you know the textbook ulcerative colitis symptoms the the bloody diarrhea like when I was flaring up badly was a bloody diarrhea four to five maybe more six seven maybe times a day just the no energy the loss extreme loss of weight just so you know the textbook stuff right um yeah those are my symptoms so then I kind of calmed down um I have my flare-ups here and there uh but my symptoms calm down um and then around January March 2020 um and content I had a pretty liberal diet I was kind of eating like stuff you did pretty good for a while on the steroids yeah yeah and then for about five years I did pretty good and then um I had to really restrict my diet I had to cuddle a lot of stuff after because every time I try to reintroduce that stuff I would flare up again so my diet was really cut down so they're from 2020 till 2022 that's what I was on I was on a very strict diet I would have three or four different foods that's it wow then I gone to a really bad flare-up this Christmas uh 2022 in December um what a time right that's around the time you you contacted me yeah yeah yeah my dad actually sent me a video of yours on YouTube yeah and uh we looked into it um and this flare-up was bad and you know this kind of sparked uh firing me I was like you know what like I've had enough of this like I want to really heal myself you know and not just kind of paper over the cracks of my symptoms I want to go see that like discover the root cause of why this is happening because I was like I can't do this anymore I'm a full-time job now

yes I mean it's not like a it's a pretty stressful kind of a job right I mean yeah yeah technical yeah yeah that's I did a great job though I love mine of course my bosses yeah yeah yeah no great job but it requires a lot of uh you know brain power yeah yeah it's not something you just kind of show up yeah no that's why yeah yeah I don't mean stressful in a bad way I just yeah yeah it um yeah so that was around Christmas and I guess so here I've got a couple questions when you when we first reached out I think you you were pretty you were skeptical yeah right of this whole process right tell me what was going through your head when you were like contacting me was it just like kind of like well like I you know tell me what was what your reaction was well on your website and stuff and your videos like you like it was clear that you were an MD so I didn't think you were just like some some random Bozo right I you obviously were qualified doctor and a surgeon and stuff but there's just that natural skepticism you know you know like like can this really help me there's a lot of self-doubt because looking at the nature of of Crohn's colitis like all these I IBD irritable bowel diseases it's just like the flare-up comes it gets better and then it comes again and so for me in my case it kind of just bred like a self-doubt of like will I really get better and am I just gonna flare up again you know so I was just naturally skeptical um but I was willing to take a risk because you know when I was I was sick and tired of this you know I was I was like I don't wanna I'm like I don't want to go through this again like I I had to stay at home for Christmas Around the Christmas I couldn't go out on Chris on New Year's Eve with my friends it was just horrible so uh I took leap of faith I guess um got in contact with you signed up for your program and uh we're we're here today I guess so yeah and even even after you signed up you were just peppering me with me yeah yeah like non-stop I counted I was looking through some of our old text messages yeah I'm literally counting like hundreds of texts in the first week alone it was yeah yeah I think we were on the phone like what three four five times a week that first year yeah at the beginning it was like three four times a week yeah I I think a lot of you know I think you appreciate it now right because like I've I mean we've talked like now like once every couple weeks right but yeah back then it was really important right there's a lot of work that happens in that first month right trying to like get everything in gear prior to this like prior to even starting did you ever have a discussion with your you know whoever was your doctors right whoever was taking care of you did you ever have conversations with them about what the potential root cause of ulcerative colitis was or thing or things that you could do to alleviate these uh sort of inflammatory symptoms did you ever have any kind of formalized discussion no um now never really um it was just mostly you know uh just the I guess the cookie cutter solution that uh uh medicine has today here is here are the meds let's get labs in six months and maybe maybe another colonoscopy right that's it yeah I wasn't there were there was never really a discussion about the root causes of why this is happening it was just a symptom management more so than you know trying to see what was actually happening to me or to anyone with with an IBD case but luckily I found you and we we got into these root causes you have a great course that goes in depth of what and through causes are what'd you think of the videos they're very good very informative module how how fast did you get through the 15 modulus was it a lot or um I got through them you know in about like a month or so like I would I would I would watch a couple videos a day here and there you take notes on them and stuff and then re-watch them right yeah and then I think like you also downloaded on day one that there's a quick start guide in there right it basically gives you a meal planning guide it gives you you know like these protocols supplements things like that are highly specific to the condition right yeah did you find that was useful because like you know I always debated because I I figured it would take people some time to get through the videos but I want people to start on day one like the day they're lined up and so um where you were able to I think you were able to kind of get that all together right yeah yeah yeah but uh that uh that uh that initial checklist and kind of guide was very helpful um uh but songs like it's it while it is helpful it's also trial and error right because every everyone is different right and uh for me at the beginning I I couldn't really an example um I couldn't really tolerate a green green uh vegetables at the beginning and that's something that's on the checklist so you kind of just gotta put test the waters and see what works for you yeah and then once you're healthy and healed you can eventually integrate even some of the healthy stuff that maybe you couldn't tolerate at the beginning and start integrating that later on which is what I did that's a great Point what were that's a great point we we have to cuss that starting list is kind of like the eventual goal of where we yes of where we want to be yeah some folks like I was just on a call with uh another one of my patients and you know he's just perseverating over not doing everything perfectly right and I'm like look I'm like talking I'm like listen man like you don't have to do any of it perfectly you just have to do some of it and you'll get some benefit and then you'll keep like making progress right and that's like the thing I was just trying to like you know trying to explain was that I've seen much more severe cases you know and like they all get better and they are not yes I think you'll be surprised like there's like I remember we had a we actually had a call about this you were like I can't tolerate this part of the regiment yeah and I said you can't tolerate this part of the regimen yet yes and I was very specific about how I said these things because there are foods like when you're super pro-inflammatory you're not going to be able to tolerate right yeah give it like even just a few weeks or maybe yeah too long and you'll be able to start tolerating these Foods what were some of the foods so you mentioned the green the uh the green leafy vegetables were a big one yeah what were yeah the other ones you had difficulty with would you say uh carrots as well at the beginning I had some difficulty as well um base basically it fibrous things things with fiber uh even like even even the things even foods with like soluble fiber and stuff correct I still had like uh some issues and some myself I didn't like I could have blueberries and but they have they have they contain fiber obviously they're fruits but carrots and I even steamed them well and I still couldn't tolerate it so every everyone's different right so it just like you said it's sometimes and we go pretty heavy on the fiber you're not going to be able to do that much fiber right away I don't yeah people aren't because you know think about this most people in the standard American diet get around six maybe 10 grams right and we're advocating for a lot more than that you know a lot more and so it's um yeah I know it's I know it's tough are you having so here's another question now that you're not in the inflammatory State yeah are you able to tolerate these Foods just fine yeah I've I've been uh I've been integrating these Foods slowly and I've uh I've been um I've been having carrots a lot recently cool uh sweet potatoes as well wow it's like fiber and carbs there as well yeah uh like like I said from a very cautious person so I haven't tried I haven't integrated the leafy greens yet but that's something I plan on doing absolutely it's just I uh I'm very cautious I'm normally a cautious person so I just want to you know like take my time but that like I do want to do that soon I'm probably just gonna try pressure cooking some broccoli or something or another Green in like maybe a week or so and just test it out and like when you're testing no Foods just make a little bit try it and see it listen to your gut take notes of what happens and just keep a log of the stuff that you can and can't tolerate kind of thing you know just keep trying yeah we have everyone keep a food diary and the nice thing diet is just one little component right it's like we have we have Diet digestion sleep stress exercise these are like five pillars that we optimize and so even if parts of the diet don't work out right away we have like workarounds right like we we have we you and I discussed a bunch of different ways you can still get the nutrients from say like a green leafy vegetable from something other than a green leafy vegetable right you can get it from herbal teas for example yeah or other types of food and so yeah we're not so like so strict that we gotta like follow it a certain way there's there's definitely a huge customization part of this whole thing that's why we're on the phone like that first month we were like literally on the phone constantly right like for two three weeks it was literally like multiple times a day sometimes multiple times a week right and so yeah um just customizing the regimen to just gets you through but um and then and then after it was like you were feeling great and then that's it like we were just chit chatting here and here and there you know about things um hey can you tell um can you just uh describe to me like when we first met um you were still you were you had a flare right that was around the holiday time yeah they put you on a steroid uh a steroid burst and a taper right that was yeah the prednisone right and then sort of explain to me like when how that process was trying to wean off of that and like what happened and sort of how you know how we how we're able to negotiate that yeah um so basically like I'm sure people that have uh that have Crohn's or colitis still they're very aware of Prednisone so I uh yeah I started off on a prednisone burst I started off at x amount um and I slowly started to wean myself off it and uh I had my concerns you know that as though as the taper was going on that I would relapse back into the flare because sometimes that does happen to people right right so I had that in the back of my mind but I was I'm pairing the taper uh with Dr dostery's uh process yeah and the mind good immunity method and stuff and as the taper slowly happened the week by week I was down down and next thing I was off it and I was a week off it and no symptoms still and it was it was just a big relief you know it's uh the fact that I guess you can pair your method with like medication if people are on it and like slowly like we like taper off the prednisone like I feel like that's like a uh a plus and stuff so I really I get that question quite frequently because like I have I have a I have a patient that was on like three different immunomodulators plus steroids when I started working with her and that that becomes a question right like do I have to stop all of my medic well no if you're already on a certain regimen right I'm not I'm not pro or anti any type of particular medicine I'm just like let's fix the root causes yeah then you're the conversation about medicine we you can have that at any time right and so I think I think people are surprised right because they always have this fear like uh some people I've literally seen the most severe disease right people that come into my office for example they need surgery right yeah I'm used to seeing people in like four or five different medications like all at the same time like big immunomodulating medications for years and years and when they start to feel better right like at first you had a lot of questions but when you started feeling like really good then you kind of have the confidence to be like hey maybe I don't need all this medication and sometimes like I'll be honest with you so like you know there's a lot of doctors and there's gastroenterologists involved there's rheumatologists involved there's all these people involved in the care of a patient sometimes the patient has to negotiate with the doctors and say Hey you know I'm like I'm really feeling good I really would like to come off this medication and then sometimes they have to make a choice for themselves like say hey like I'm just gonna like stop you know and I'm never someone that advocates for that right because you know obviously I'm a doctor but um some people I would say like everyone does really well right it's you know when you don't have these root causes of inflammation driving the autoimmune disease and making like something like ulcerative colitis worse then you can come off of the prednisone with confidence or you can come off of some of the biologics with confidence and yeah you know same story with um you know one of of my more recent patients like he was on a super high dose of steroids when he started he stopped it and then it just it never came back you know like the disease never came back and we're far enough out I think we're almost like your last steroid dose was almost six weeks ago right end of January was my last yeah so we're looking at like six weeks yeah and you're still feeling great you're feeling better now than you were when you were taking before right yeah I'm heavier now than I was before the flare about I'm finally getting some weight gain yeah yeah yeah getting everything together yeah no that's that's a very important Point um so tell me a little bit more like I know we we spend a lot of time talking about diet and um digestion um what about the sleep what about the stress what about the exercise how are you doing on those fronts um I'm doing much better with the sleep now when I was on Prednisone I know I'm yeah I know one of the side effects um uh it comes with sleep issues issue sleeping so that was a big thing for me uh like halfway through uh the burst I guess or the regimen now I I would just I wouldn't be able to go to bed I'd just be tossing and turning at night and I just yeah I just wouldn't be able to go to bed it was very frustrating but um I think you recommended a supplement I could take that could help with that so you you have your um kind of avenues and solutions that that come with potential side effects of medication um so but the Sleep sorted itself out after um after I stopped the prednisone and uh at when it comes to exercise when I was very weak I was just kind of doing home exercises with my body weight yeah counter squats with my body weight and and push-ups or just like resistance band actors exercises but as I gain more strength and stuff and I put weight on I got back to the gym so now I'm working out at the gym three four times a week and uh in terms of stress uh I've just I've just learned you know to just kind of manage it I've never really been like an anxious person uh per se but like I think everyone has their daily stresses and stuff and when you're when you're in a weak State like that when you're in a flare um things can bother you more than they normally would I guess so I kind of learned to just get those under control and just have a goal in mind and just look at that to just getting better and uh just just and everything will sort itself out and now um we're human beings like every day has like their own stresses right so I'm not gonna say I'm stress free but um I'm feeling really good I'll go like I'm working out I'm sleeping well yeah and uh I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm not too stressed out I'm not as stressed out as I was I know I remember at low point you know you can go on stress like when we first met I just remember you were just constantly asking questions and you kept asking yeah you kept repeating questions about the same thing and that's a sign like I I know anxiety because I kind of you know I've lived with it myself right you just tend to like perseverate over the same things right because when you're sick that's all you can think of like oh my God I'm sick is this gonna work and then you ask that question like a million different ways was this gonna work is this gonna work and are you sure and then you just yeah I do remember some of it like and I guess my response at that point was just get like just trust in this and just give it a little bit of time because I think your perspective will only change after you start getting and I told you this I said your perspective on this isn't going to change until you start feeling better right and then when you start feeling better then the stress gets relieved right yeah um and even the exercise thing I I remember us having this conversation that you were like you know so drained of energy how possibly could you do anything and my response around that time was like do something you know like do like do something right to get those you know yeah we even said just just cardi just walk for 15 minutes or on a treadmill or something like that yeah so yeah but I I uh I like I said I ended up doing just just light it doesn't have to be like too much like like you even said you're like don't do 40 don't don't try to do 50 push-ups like four sets you know what I mean just just kind of sketch your body moving just get the blood flowing and and like that's a big exercise is a big part um of uh of the healing process right so yeah just basically start at your own pace and then as you gain strength you're slowly you know get back into your normal routine and you can start even go to start weightlifting which is eventually what I did I started lifting weights I'm going to the gym four times a week now so couple other things I wanted to talk about it's not it doesn't totally fit into the category of Crohn's but it is it is obviously uh um relevant in your case you know those stool studies you you've got back the one where the outprotectin was normal yeah still had a couple abnormal Labs that weren't totally related to the Crohn's per se right like for example you had the anti-gliet in IGA which is typical of people with gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance some people call it Celiac Celiac sprue right depending on how severe it is and we we actually had a very in-depth discussion about like what does that mean because you haven't had any kind of gluten products very in in recent I mean recently yeah I've had gluten products since 2020 so three years yeah and it's like why do you still have some of these antibodies that are positive and um I think some you know some of the things to just keep in mind or that these IGA antibodies the ones that are secreted they can end up being positive for long periods of time even without exposure I've seen them positive right or or even small amounts of exposure and I don't know if they're a great predictor of severity because clearly you're feeling better everything's great right and you don't have any gluten in your diet currently but no you know this idea of like could you be sensitive I think the answer is probably yes right yeah but we just haven't had a chance to test it out really yeah just don't know and then and then the second thing that came at positive what and this is very I I think this is relevant to um to ulcerative colitis and Crone anybody with IBD um is you had a virulent strain of E coli right at low I mean it's not it's not low levels but it's not like super high either but it was higher than normal right yeah yeah um take us through like I know the beginning of this regimen we were doing a microbiome reset right and basically we use a patented probiotic to try to get those virulent strains out of your system right um how effective do you think that method was in terms of just like kind of clearing the bad stuff out and bringing the good stuff in I I thought it was very effective you know um just kind of your whole you have it on your YouTube videos too it's just uh avoiding your bowels multiple times a day it's kind of a natural way of just cleansing uh your guts for lack of a better word and just kind of kind of just rinsing everything out giving it a wash I guess you know what I mean then yeah that paired with the uh the probiotics paired with the uh the laxatives that she that you mentioned in your YouTube videos yeah um you know it uh that combination you know it helps kind of reset but you're also planting the seeds per se with these with these probiotic strains right so I feel like that was very effective and that's uh that's kind of that's how that's how I started and uh I feel like that's what kind of ignited the healing process so yeah yeah that's great yeah and I you've done so well I'm really excited um I think the next chapter right people are always asking me like what do you do around the three month mark because like you know people are like you're feeling great right like yeah we used to chat like multiple times a day now we're like adding maybe like a few times a month now right yeah so now the question is like what do we do what do you know what's what do we work on I think one of the things that we had said would be going forward um just dialing in some parts of the nutrition so the macronutrients yeah like the protein fats and carbs because now that you're gaining weight and working out right you may want to be building a little bit of muscle may want to be optimizing some of those processes um yeah so I think we'll be working on that um one of the other things is now that you're able to tolerate More Foods maybe we should test that out you know maybe we don't have to be so strict on what we do maybe we can figure out ways to cheat on the diet and figure out ways that we can reintroduce some of these foods like for example sweet potatoes and things like that you know yeah like reintroduce certain foods and make this a more sustainable thing because now now that you're in not the pro you're not in a pro-inflammatory state right now you're an you're in an anti-inflammatory State it's evidenced by Labs evidenced by you know clearly you're doing well so I think now you're going to start to see like you know the foods that you used to be able to tolerate before you had inflammatory bowel disease you might be able to tolerate you know and so we're gonna start exploring some of those things and you know I've got some other sort of um biohacking tricks that um you know can increase lifespan and things like that like they're just good for General Health that we're going to start integrating yeah we need to establish a maintenance program where we're just checking labs and um you know just seeing how things go you know for as long as you want really yeah that's great hey is there anything else you wanted to add uh just something I guess if you had a message to people that are just like starting out in this process because three months ago that was you right you were yeah you were that guy watching you know just doing your own research on the internet kind of looking at all this crazy stuff out there and it was yeah it was a leap of faith right I mean as thing I mean internet's full of like people saying a lot of stuff right yeah leap of faith like what would you say to somebody that maybe has inflammatory bowel disease that's that's thinking about like trying to solve it naturally with what would you say to someone like that um well you know uh obviously do your do your research um you know uh obviously like um you can you can blindly jump in but like you know like it's just good practice to you know don't get like caught by like a headline or like a YouTube title you know like do you read like for me when I saw your YouTube video I was I was I was like oh wow you know but like I kind of just I I looked through you had a healthy amount of skepticism yeah yeah yeah I kind of looked through your website I I saw what the MGI Clinic was all about um and you know I I I I took the leap of faith I I kind of just laid it out you know and I weighed out my like the pros and cons I was like you know what like I'm gonna take a leap of faith here you know like this uh this this disease is very very tough on uh on people you know and uh it interferes with daily activities you know that's people without it take for granted right you know so ruin your Christmas man yeah yeah you know yeah so you know what if for anyone out there that's looking for that has IBD promise clutation is looking for a natural healing process you know I I would say they're uh there is there there are there's tons of stuff out there and you know just kind of do your research and just know that there's people that have that have done this that have gotten better you know with with this process and stuff it's um it's real I'm I'm better I didn't think it was you know I was I was skeptical I was I had my I had my questions tons of them you know and I'm feeling much better now better than I ever have like really I've been I've felt better for the first time in like three years like I said I've been the happiest I've been in so long you know in terms of weight which I've always had an issue with putting weight on with with my colitis and stuff so you know what just just take that leap of faith and and you have to be willing to you know follow the process you know you gotta you gotta you gotta be stringent you gotta you gotta be willing to you know follow the steps and then go through it you know and make make the sacrifices needed for people that aren't you know eating the best you know you gotta you gotta cut out those foods and just you know focus on the process and uh you'll you'll get there eventually you know so yeah my message I guess you get there pretty fast in fact yeah I did yeah yeah I you know I'm you know my own history with autoimmune and inflammatory bowel so you know I've I almost take it for granted because I in my own world I fixed my problem almost 15 years ago and yeah and I've you know I've seen hundreds of patients get better like surgical patients and just people that needed just really you know tons of medicines right so my like coming from my perspective I'm almost like I know there's gonna be like a set timeline if people kind of play along right they follow what I have to tell them right like they'll get better and so the the the the the challenge though is that for you this is a once in a lifetime experience like for you it's like oh man I'm gonna be joining this program at you know it's your first time doing it right and I think that's a lot of what I you know what I spend my first month in that program doing is just kind of guiding folks into like just telling them like how this is gonna fix them and you know what what things we're addressing and I think the biggest thing is like people don't even understand you know like you don't even know like right now you're got so much more energy so much more productive you're making social plans you're doing all kinds of you're killing it at work everything's going really well right and people don't even get that like hey I can I can have that like that's yeah that's within reach and I'm not saying years away I'm talking like weeks to months right like that's yeah it's within grasp you know and um I think just giving people that sense of hope and just telling them like hey there is a different way you know you don't have to just turn to just meds and you know just and over surgery even right surgery yeah um you know there is another way and you will feel better and it's not like you'll feel a little bit better you'll feel completely normal you know you'll feel like like you did before you had the disease in the first place right so um yeah well I appreciate it what what are you looking forward to the most in this upcoming year now like 23 well yeah no just you don't have this like big weight you know yeah you know I I I'm just looking forward to you know just bettering myself you know just uh being I know it's generic answers but you know just just being the best version of myself that I possibly can because you know now I'm able to to focus on these things you know um the past like three months I was just a laser focused on on you know just getting better and getting out of this flare and stuff and now I feel like I have the time to direct my energy to other things you know I'm going out with my friends again you know I'm I'm hanging out with family and stuff it's just uh you know I can just kind of looking forward to just getting my life back you know and hopefully hopefully you know later I'm not doing it now but my goal is to be able to eat out with my friends sometimes go to dinner you know stuff like that be able to like travel so I don't have to worry about my diet if I'm like abroad you know and stuff like that those are eventually goals that I want to I want to achieve and uh and I think things are looking on the on the up in terms of achieving those goals not there yet but uh I feel as I feel as though I feel as though I am definitely getting there I'm on the track I'm on the right track so we'll get there I yeah all of those things you will you will have it's you're within reach yeah well I really appreciate you um you know sharing your journey with us and just no problem um I think it's just a very important thing that um you know I've started doing this in my practice is just um inviting people to talk about you know the whole experience so I really appreciate it and um yeah I guess we'll just end on that note yeah yeah thanks they thank you for your time doctor I appreciate it yeah of course so I hope you enjoyed this segment if you made it to the end that was a pretty long session with useful tips and helpful lessons also if you enjoyed my content don't forget to like And subscribe and if you think this video will help someone you know please be sure to repost a link to this video as always I'm Dr chanu dasri with the Mind gun Community Clinic and I'll see you next time

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