Body Builder, fixes Ulcerative Colitis, after failed FMT Stool transplant, Best Biologics, Food Diet

Arash reversed his Ulcerative Colitis in 6 weeks, using the Mind-Gut-Immunity Method.

This is a recorded video-conference at week 8 discussing his progress, recapping  his long-journey dealing with severe IBD, Ulcerative Colitis, which did not respond to multiple therapies for many years

Topics Discussed (Show Notes):

3:37- Corticosteroids, Prednisone (Steroid Taper)

5:36- Uceris (budesonide) Medication

6:17- Constipation, stool transit time

7:35- Colonoscopy, GI Gastroenterologist

11:10- Mesalamine, Allergy

11:55- Medical THC, Cannabis

14:50- Renowned university physician, doctor shopping

15:57- Detailed MGI Clinic Intake Assessment

16:33- Stool Transplant (Fecal Microbiota Transplant, FMT)

17:26- IMU-838 Experimental Drug, Vidofludimus Calcium (Clinical Trial)

18:38- C.diff Colitis (Clostridium dificile super-infection)

21:33- High dose antibiotics

25:04- The Phyto Diet (Healing power of Phytonutrients)

25:13- Resetting the microbiome

26:30- PTSD, Medical Trauma, Anxiety, Depression

29:50- Nutritional Deficiencies

30:50- MGI Academy Videos on Gut Health

34:40- Social Pressures surrounding food

37:20- Food intolerances

39:50- Biologics: Entyvio (Antibodies), Humira, Remicade, Stelara

44:44- Fitness, Body Building, Recreational Activities

There are a whole host of conditions associated with dysfunctional immune inflammation, the list includes: Eczema, Allergies, UTIs, Irritable Bowel (IBS), IBD, Crohn's/Colitis, SIBO, Candida, GERD, Viral illnesses, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder, Sjrogrens, Autoimmune Thyroiditis, Migraine Headache, Neuropathy, and Fibromyalgia

failed fecal stool transplants temporary fixed steroids ineffective biologics and experimental medications causing liver damage that's the story of a rash my latest patient to solve ulcerative colitis inflammatory bowel disease all naturally in under six weeks after joining my clinic and using the Mind gut immunity method lots of important lessons here you're not going to want to miss this

hi there I'm Dr chanu dasari and I'm a surgeon who specializes in reversing gut microbiome dysfunction and autoimmune inflammation my technique for reversing symptoms in as little as six weeks has helped thousands of patients over the years and is called the Mind gut immunity method and if you would like to learn more visit and enroll in a free training now in this upcoming video you'll meet Arash a fitness Enthusiast and entrepreneur who saw his life turned upside down as a result of inflammatory bowel disease ulcerative colitis prior to enrolling my clinic he searched for many experts was evaluated at Major top University Hospitals and even enrolled in clinical trials for experimental medications he underwent a fecal microbiota stool transplant but even after taking steroids and a whole host of immunomodulating medications over the years to try to reverse his illness he was back to square one with the flare calling me so let's dive in here you'll see me in a rash having a discussion over video conference about his progress at eight weeks into the program at this point he's totally symptom-free and off all his medications and these results were achieved using the Mind gut immunity method an approach that optimizes diet digestion sleep stress and exercise to achieve a healthy gut microbiome and reverse epigenetic triggers for inflammation he not only managed to solve his ulcerative colitis in inflammatory bowel disease but also gained substantial muscle in the process and is considering competing in an amateur bodybuilding Physique Fitness competition so let's get started all right man we're in week eight how are you feeling I'm doing good dude better than week one for sure that's good that's good take me through uh you know it's uh we we started working together about eight weeks ago and I think at that time you were kind of struggling right um yeah um right before week one right before I called you I think it was um I actually have the exact date I went to I went to Vegas for a conference over there and um at this point I was in remission from a previous diet that I tried where I was doing fine I was totally good and once you get in that kind of mindset we were like I'm fine I don't need to I don't need to continue this diet I've been doing good you kind of just start eating anything you want you know especially when you're in Vegas you're like I gotta get a beer I gotta get some drinks I gotta you know the worst things you could probably have for this condition yeah um and then I had them and then went back into a flare was super surprised because I was on their mission for a while um then I would say for about like two and a half weeks I started having my symptoms again three weeks yeah um and then you know I messaged you I found you uh and then we started week one and I got better pretty quickly from it too so that's great I think week one you told me that uh you were working with a gastroenterologist and there was you were on you were taking some steroids right immunomodulating medication right yeah yeah so um when I went to the flare after when I got back from Vegas and I realized I was going to a flare um I messaged my GI and I told him um and he obviously doesn't specialize in like doing um what we do which is you know the diets and stuff like he was just he's mostly just here's some medication you need to take I can approve it for you uh so he put me on 40 milligrams of Prednisone wow um off the bat um and I've actually been on higher than that so that didn't seem like I've been on 80. you so you've taken 80 milligrams in the past in the past yeah I've been on 80 which is um I didn't know was was ridiculous until some of the other doctors that I told you know until I see their facial reaction they're like yeah yeah exactly and so so this was half so I was like okay it's not as bad as it was before so bad um so yeah I went on 40 um and how long how long were you on that on that that 40 dose for a while uh I'd say like um eight weeks ago so yeah by the time we started talking I think I was on like 30 milligrams of Prednisone at that point because I was tapering by five every week um so so yeah it took about like eight weeks um to get off of it I would say around like to 20 I started seeing improvements so after like four weeks which was like three weeks after being with you and you said in the past like when you dip down below the 20 milligram dose that's when you started seeing problems in the past is that correct yeah yeah so um the first thing that I feel like every doctor puts you on immediately when you get diagnosed with ulcerative collection you have symptoms as prednisone and so in a flare there's there's actually plenty of there's actually a like a whole host of these like immunomodulating medications like you serious and stuff yeah there's all these I mean they're coming out with new ones all the time um and so yeah it kind of go into uh what I guess yeah give me give us a little bit of background because some people are just like tuning in and seeing this all for the first time um take us through kind of what your journey was with inflammatory bowel disease like when it started you know how long ago you were diagnosed what that experience was like yeah um so I was so I was like always into sports my entire life basically um since I was like young and like around like 20 uh I think it was 20 yeah 20 when I turned 20 I used to always have a lot of problems with constipation but it never was anything like serious or anything uh like to this extent with symptoms um and I decided that my one day my colon kind of just started hurting I don't know why what it was um I think what happened was since I was trying to bulk up um I I was in I believe no this is after so this is a little bit after high school when I was when I was in college um I started trying to bulk up with these crazy shakes like I was mixing ton of oatmeal bananas peanut butter milk um uh like creatine like four scoops of protein like the whey protein powder uh and it was working I was working for a while you got real you got ripped I do well I got a lot of muscle I got chubby so I was trying to bulk it kind of worked I hit like 175 right I was feeling good about myself and I remember dude like my body would like reject these so um so yeah like I was I was drinking these things at night every day I'll get back so it was like a constant thing um which probably contributed to the constipation from like the amount of oatmeal into this like bulk of like a shake I was eating um and so I one day just started having like colon problems some symptoms and my parents were just like well if you're having these problems like we have a GI um we could take you to our GI like a family GI that we've had um you can do colonoscopy check it out right see what it is yeah so went in um he did a colonoscopy um and he was like turns out you have ulcerative colitis we obviously didn't know ulcerative colitis was at the time um if you're like Googling this right when you're 20 years old they're trying to figure out what ulcerative well the thing was luckily never had need any medical problems right we've always been totally in the clear we we're always really healthy people I thought we used to eat pretty healthy and relatively compared to everyone else we did still get healthy but there's you know as I'm learning there's things here and there that seem healthy but actually aren't you know for you um and and so what happened was when we heard the diagnosis we're like oh it can't be that bad like it couldn't be anything serious right and so then the doctor and we told we asked the doctor I'm like well what do we need to do like what should we start doing today he's like oh nothing it's you're good you don't need to do anything um it has nothing to do with diet um you're nothing to do with stress nothing to do with exercise nothing put me on the complete opposite path of where like from the beginning right so um this happens a lot by the way this is like this happens a lot yeah yeah and people every day where this this is what happens you know there's no conversation about what caused the inflammatory bowel right yeah they're like they it's it's the same thing every time they're like it's genetics you get it at this age and there's nothing else you can do about it and you're gonna be stuck with it um my doctor told me that you're gonna be stuck with it it's gonna get worse eventually and then you're gonna get your colon removed and that's the end of it wow straight told me like that and I'm like I'm like dude I was like I was an athlete like I was working out like I was in all these I had nothing exactly yeah yeah I was like how is this possible I was like nothing I was like well I'm not doing anything different I was like I eat relatively healthy I've seen people that eat way more unhealthy than I did and they're totally fine and so then that day when he told me that there was nothing wrong I didn't need to um I didn't need to change my diet nothing was nothing it had nothing to do with diet uh we went out and ate pizza full large I remember vividly we went out ate pizza um told my mom I was like well the doctor said this is a doctor that you guys recommended you know there's no there's no problems he said that I can eat whatever I want and I was in the mindset of like bulking already so I was like I was like medical problem whatever I'm trying to gain size it's a terrible thought I was 20 year old so like um I didn't stop my shakes until it started getting worse and then it got worse and then it got worse and then um I think like nine months probably after um we met we went to a different doctor because we were like well this doctor clearly isn't going to do anything different for us yeah um so yeah you kind of did a little bit of Doctor shopping at that point yeah we were like let's let's go look at what other GIS have to say like let's see if they have um any other ideas of you know what this possibly could be or if there's any other medications if that's the only thing I can do at the time um then maybe I can take something different so went to another doctor um gave us gave us uh we started small usually with like this condition you start with like the uh the pill form like useris or the uh the enemas or like these uh steroid um steroids yeah um it turns out I'm allergic to misalamine wow and I'm super rare but I've taken it like four different occasions because doctors never believed me and it always gets worse right after I take it my symptoms would get like incredibly worse and they'd be like okay well I guess you're allergic to it um took masalamine my salamine did nothing you know um or that wasn't me that I was allergic to useris did nothing um so then we were and I think we took a couple other uh ones that were like a little bit less biologics like the level down for my logic I can't remember what they were um didn't work so we're like okay well we've exhausted all of our options with this doctor let's go look at another doctor went to another doctor in La that was kind of better he was in the field of researching um and he was researching uh cannabis and yeah so he was researching the THC in it um to which I like I like more of the terpenes rather than the THC right the flavors yeah yeah so then he told me um and dude coming from a middle eastern family that's the last thing your mom would want to hear like my son going and smoking some weed um but at that point dude I was I was really skinny I lost all my weight myself my self-confidence was gone dude I like all the weight that I gained over like my athletic years all gone I was skinny um I wonder if I can show you really yeah show me so you were really sick at this time I was dude I was the problem was that um we don't like medication so we really didn't want to get onto these biologics right so was there any discussion so you'd been seeing all these doctors and was there any disc and your you tried all these like medications and everybody basically said it was kind of hopeless and so but in your in the back of your mind you're always like there's got to be something there's got to be something right um was there ever a conversation with um some of these medical professionals about like the causes of ulcerative colitis Beyond just blaming Janette was there any conversations about say the gut microbiome or uh you know we did mention some food but how about like nutritional deficiencies sleep stress exercise any of those um sleep definitely exercise was kind of variable because I've had some doctors that were like don't put pressure on your colon by working out some doctors were like you should work out I was always under the impression if you keep your body moving then you keep the system moving and you keep the system so I always force myself to do something even if I was at like my weakest because I thought that if you stop then your body's gonna stop and then your mind's gonna it's just gonna like Spiral so if you could like keep it up um and so they would tell me sleep was good they wouldn't ever tell me about the microbiome until I went to the doctor before you um but they pretty much would tell me that sometimes people are able to control their symptoms sometimes with food here and there but no one knew exactly what to eat like some people would be like oh like if you cut out wheat I get like I got way better or I I it was like it wasn't it wasn't uh concise or it wasn't like a it wasn't a holistic type plant like a comprehensive plan it was just kind of like you were hearing these like one-off yeah little recommendations and it was exactly it sounds like the advice you got was a little bit inconsistent too between persons super over the place I was all over the place like you know from the beginning of being put on the completely the opposite trajectory of like I'm gonna get my cold removed eventually I even had um like a specialist like uh I don't want to say his name a very renowned uh GI doctor that walked in um that we went to that like we had connections to actually be able to go talk to and he's like oh I'm I I've been in this field um for my entire career it has nothing to do with food um it's it's all but he's it's all genetics and you're gonna get your colon removed he also says this is a second doctor that told me you're gonna get your colon removed and you got to go and buy Logics I mean you know I'm a surgeon right I actually I remove colons for a live I remove and test organs for a living and I'm like I hear this all the time because I'm always the guy that like you know when people come to my office they've like you they've already been seen by like three four five different other doctors at the time so I'm always like the fifth sixth opinion and I've got to like pour over all these medical records and figure out what what did they do right what did they do wrong and you know like in 100 of cases like even in your case right remember when we so when we did that intake assessment I was like asking super detailed questions about like every little thing you were doing on a daily basis it's like nobody takes the time nobody takes the time to sit there and analyze and figure out what the heck is actually going on and what's going like what's going wrong and so you know by the time they get to me they've already failed all these other medications they're they've already kind of lost faith in these doctors you know and so on I'm sort of used to this thing too and I think I think I've shared with you my own struggles with autoimmune and inflammatory bowel it was the same case for me when I was in medical school I was going through the same thing and you know I had to take matters into my own hands kind of like you did and try to you know look for better answers right um tell me a little bit you know something that was really interesting when we did our intake assessment was that you actually had a fecal microbiota transplant and that's basically a stool transplant right yep yeah tell us a little bit about what that Journey was like and obviously it didn't end up working out for you because uh you you had a different issue pop up like you know down the road but um yeah tell us a little bit about that yeah so that was the doctor before you that uh I was with um she she was kind of the person that put us on the track of there might be something with the microbiome that could uh potentially affect the you know your symptoms um I that was the place where I started taking I was taking like experimental drugs um I was on um I was on a couple different things at the time so so uh yeah one of them I don't know it doesn't matter if I say the drug I don't know if you yeah you you can mention it was amazing it was uh imu838 yeah I don't know if you've ever it's a weird name for it I don't know if that's the actual name that they're gonna go with but um yeah so I was with I was I was with that and it was supposed to be like a pill form of biologic the same strength of um the other ones I didn't even talk about the biologics that I've been on um and so when we kind of started realizing that it was the microbiome we started looking into um we started researching right and we started getting a lot of information from her and uh we found about like the fmts basically what happened was that we realized the only way that I can get an fmt was if you had C diff that was the only thing that was approved for at the time from what I remember c-diff colitis right correct it's a it's a special type of colitis that's infectious right it's it's caused by C difficile which is a bacterium and I I think the microbiota transplants were only approved for that indication at the time right correct yeah yeah so they um so the only thing I was able to take it for was for that but the thing is um which I didn't know so I I got cdif so I would do frequent tests um on myself or not on my the doctor would give me tests to go do um you know stool uh stool tests and she and I was you know extremely fatigued I was anemic everything you know I was because we were looking for like a solution at the time and we didn't want to take any medication again because I've been through so many and I was still not getting any better um and so I was on okay so so what happened so pretty much right when I got the stool test done it came back a C diff which we were kind of happy about which was weird to like be like Oh I'm happy that I've seen it but we were like you're kind of like at least it's not an autoimmune problem right yeah I was like I was like it can't be any worse than what I had when I already had yeah what you were going through right exactly so we got really happy we were like oh well this is perfect I can get an fmt and I thought like this is like the cure to like potentially our problem because I've heard that some people um there's one specific person I don't want to mention his name he's in Australia you might have heard of him he's a doctor in Australia that he does fmts and he's like a specialist and they approve fmt's four people with ulcerative colitis and Crohn's yeah um and he has a lot of cases um that he's been able to cure so like in my mind I was like oh this is perfect like he even has a YouTube and he talks about it um by the way we were able to do that together without any kind of I know it was it was so much easier right it was it was way easier it was yeah just keep going I don't want people to think oh my God I gotta get a stool transplant right it's so much because it didn't work yeah and it's also so much easier to reset your bio microbiome it's not like you gotta go do something that made but yeah walk us through that process like how how do you get what what what is that process like like getting a stool transplant

it's weird to to think about it right but I mean when you're in that when you're in that when you're at that point where like you're at your lowest where you're like in pain all the time you're like dude I'm willing to do anything I do not care like whatever it is like if it works it works if it doesn't like I was you know you're open to everything at that point you don't even care if it's gross or whatnot if there's a chance that it might work even like a five percent when you're there you're like dude I'm down to do whatever um so I did it um with the doctor um and did it give you the pills or did he do do it from below there's two ways they did it they did it below with the uh oh no with the with the insemination with the uh whatever the squirt thing is yeah so yeah they have to make like that whole slurry and everything with that yeah man but it uh it was an interesting experience I actually wasn't even able to do the fmt until I went through like three courses of like antibiotics and stuff like that before I could even get to that point so like that they gave you some pretty high dose antibiotics to start yeah they gave me Flagyl they gave me um oh shoot what was the other one there's two other ones I believe yeah and then and then they also did the bowel prep right to try to get rid of everything yeah so that it's not I mean it sounds like that's a pretty intense process I mean yeah it was it was difficult especially when you're already malnourished at that time yeah it's it's uh it's it's pretty intense I'm getting at that point and then um so yeah we took that we did the fmt um thought it was working probably was a placebo because it didn't work and then um after that point it kind of just started getting worse and then I went on to that experimental drug that I was talking about after that the biologic until um my liver enzymes started suddenly going through the roof for no reason I didn't know what it was from So You Had liver toxicity potentially from the experimental drug you were on potentially um yeah not for sure but yeah and then and then so then I had to get off of the experimental drug obviously right because you know um and then what happened was I was like okay well my liver engines went back to normal they're like yeah but now you can't get back onto it they're like you're not allowed to give and I'm like okay well now I don't have any other option I was like what so then I was at that point where I was like dude I've literally exhausted everything I could possibly do I was like there's I've done every job I've done it you know so consulted with World experts yeah I was like dude if I was like if I don't figure something out like that's dude my Colon's gonna be gone I was like that's literally it I'm at the point where I'm like there's nothing else I can possibly do I was like let me let me go on to a diet I was like let me figure out like some crazy that I was like I don't care if it's like eat one Acorn a day I was like I'll do it I was like uh so you took matters into your own hands pretty much because I was like dude Medical Science can't do anything further for me I was like what else am I supposed to do because if if my only option is getting my colon removed let me try everything I possibly can do before I get to that point when was all this this was like years ago right this is like a year ago yeah okay like when I got off of that experimental drug about like a year a year and a half ago the diet worked out a little it worked out a little bit right yeah so I got into like fermented foods and stuff like that um and that kind of worked um for about like six seven months that worked for me yeah until until I started trying to expand my diet into eating other things and then I which leads up to the time where I was talking about where I went to Vegas and up until that point up until that point I was actually doing a little bit better um and then I got a phone call and then you gotta and then you got a phone call three three weeks after that and I was like yo uh I I'm flaring uh I've done this once but I need I need something that's like actually proven and like it's it's way more tailored and it's way more until and yours your diet's way more tailored and way more specific and it makes way more sense I was kind of of doing it I kind of got lucky to be honest if you if you really were to think about like what my diet was before it was kind of there um but I would say yours is like more consistent more uh more of the because your your diet got me into admission way quicker than my first time did yeah and diet is only one part of it man I mean you're we also like for you know we were just mentioning the microbiome we we spent the first week or two of this whole of us working together resetting the microbiome like you know that's such an important part because that fmt uh unfortunately didn't didn't do that right and the and the ideal situation would be like yeah you have a really nice microbiome that that is anti-inflammatory as opposed to pro-inflammatory and I think that's kind of like the edge that we have is that now nowadays we have such specific probiotic strains some of which would even have studies and patents around them and we're able to leverage that knowledge now to be able to reset the microbiome in a very effortless way I mean we're not talking about a crazy stool transplant we're just talking about taking probiotics eating a diet that supports those probiotics and then then really just you know you were also very good about exercising throughout this whole period of time managing your stress manage and getting good sleep and you know there was a lot of there was a lot of work on your part it wasn't just you know it wasn't it was hard yeah it wasn't just worth it yeah I know I don't want to sugarcoat it it's not like the you know the first month like we're on what we're on the phone like every week like a couple times a week trying to remember you know going back and forth and being like okay well what's working what's not and there were some times in there you you had your doubts too right oh I definitely did yeah well it's difficult when you still have the pain going on it's like it changes the way you think and then and then you have like the PTSD of everything you went through I know I'm sure a lot of people being sick for so long first of all and then like you know you already have this mistrust of the medical profession right it just sort of lets you down and um I I understand that and you're still you're still coming out of that like that that kind of medical trauma you went through it's it's gonna be something you're you're gonna have to oh I definitely I definitely have PTSD from it I know other people that have been going through the same thing definitely have some PTSD because the second I started having that second flare dude your body just starts it's weird it's like a weird feeling that I haven't had before but that was so then I was like oh dude I must have medical trauma I must have like PTSD from it because it's it's a hard thing to deal with it's a thing man when um it just it it really weighs on you it makes anxiety real makes depression real it affects your relationships it affects all kinds of stuff and you know I think the biggest part of it is you don't have answers and you don't have like a like some kind of Hope or Outlook as to how this is going to be fixed and when that happens and when you're in that zone when you're like things are falling apart and I don't know how to fix them that that is a that's not a good place to be and like that's kind of where you were when you called me right it was almost like you were just like I'm just gonna see you know if the mind got immunity method will work for me kind of deal and we kind of had a chat we did an intake assessment and you know started working together right definitely yeah no and I got to the point where luckily I believe that a diet was the solution to you know the problem and um I don't know if in the beginning if it was like the very beginning when I got diagnosed with somebody if like you were to come out and tell me like hey I think you could fix this with this diet I don't know if I would have listened if I didn't go through everything I did so but even even when you had the diet how many times were you calling me and texting me and going back and forth about like you know what about this what about this or how do I know it's like it's more than just like a piece of paper right I mean like it's a whole like system right it is a whole system it's um it's hard because in the beginning I think coming off of a diet where well not coming off of because I was kind of on a diet before I was kind of expanding but I was eating I was definitely eating processed foods again which is not a good thing but I was eating like sugar yeah and going to like a diet where it's like no sugar I like felt that dip in the crash and then you get extremely tired and it's even harder because you're having symptoms it's a difficult thing to get through it's really hard and like you said I'm not gonna sugarcoat it but um it's it's worth it at the end it just takes a while like anything it takes time because now now you're in week eight right and you've been bait you're symptom-free right your energy levels are way way up I think we spoke just like a week or two ago right right you're off you're off Prednisone you have no symptoms uh you're ripped now right like sounds like you've got you're totally ripped like muscle wise because I do I gained um I'm like yeah I'm like 160 uh like 163 now and I was at like 130 like when I was in my flare and everything yeah yeah yeah so luckily yeah yeah and this diet dude this diet makes you like stay ripped you stay lean because like all you're eating is the leanest things you could possibly you're on like a bodybuilder diet constantly well there there's also so that it's a phytonutrient diet right true yeah it um the the reason it works is because the number one deficiencies in people are not fats are they're not carbs they're not protein they are micronutrients right so we're talking about vitamins minerals and phytonutrients and phytonutrients as you know include things like polyphenols terpenes you know all of these things that you can only find in very specific superfoods right so to in order to increase that in the diet and do it in a way that sort of makes sense like for you you know we had to count all the carbs and fats and proteins just to make sure you saw those results too but um yeah I think that's what really sets it apart it's I mean it's based on data it's based on what you know I mean there's just thousands of papers on on these topics and so I kind of try to put that all together in something that's easy to digest so to speak and but they're still coach I mean they're still like back and forth man like just you know I introduced the whole thing and you know you sat through all the videos in the academy right I mean there's almost 15 of those videos talking about gut health how to detox your liver phytonutrients genetics you know all kinds of stuff the phyto diet and you know sleep stress exercisers even exercise regimens and for you know some of our uh some of the people that are watching this um they don't they don't really know what the whole program's all about and so I maybe you can tell them kind of what what the most challenging things were what to look out for what the most surprising thing maybe is some things that you that you learned and then maybe even go into uh you know there's a lot of videos that you go through to learn a bunch of this stuff and so um you know do you feel like you've gotten some kind of uh like some valuable knowledge to where maybe the next time you don't you don't need a doctor to try to fix this issue and maybe there will never be a next time you know definitely yeah um I think the thing that surprised me the most most was the five channels of inflammation that I learned from you um and salt being the uh one that I never even thought about before even talking to you um which leads into the hardest thing about the the diet which is uh the lack of taste personally yeah um which totally makes sense because you know taste is something I feel like that we've well you could there's still spices it's just it's low true it's low on salt for a reason right I love salt yeah it is but and I love salt dude I like I'll take salty things all the time I love I love salty food um so that's probably just like more of a preference kind of thing um some people might not like it so some people might be like oh this is perfect like they can do it yeah um but for me yeah for me personally um it was just in the beginning getting past that like uh no taste barrier um and having those Cravings the Cravings kind of just start getting a little bit harder in the beginning because you're like well I want something it takes about three weeks right like the sugar Cravings the salt Cravings to kind of come down right yeah so I would yeah I I see that too like you know I work with like hundreds of clients thousands of clients at this point but that first three weeks is always challenging right yeah um because you know you just you're sort of used to having all these things in the diet and yeah you know but the good thing about it was that I got really lean um I I lost a good amount of water weight so if people are trying to lose weight um on the diet um you can also gain weight on the diet and you can gain weight I was gaining weight um because of the amount I was eating but some people don't have to eat as much as I was eating um uh and so yeah it's um it's a good diet it's uh the shakes really help you know in the beginning um they're super they're filled with phytonutrients man and so and you can make them yourself you don't have you don't need any special ingredients you just go to the grocery store and get all this stuff it's it's great you know exactly um and uh it kind of reminds me of a diet where you don't get a cheat meal like uh you know like you look for you on it I haven't well we're only eight weeks in I haven't actually we haven't discussed sure I haven't I haven't taught you how to cheat yet true true and we're getting to that point you did you did say that we will get to that point and um but I do I do not even care I would take all of that for all my symptoms being gone it's totally worth it like I said like now you have your health right you have your health it's way more important and everything's back on track right yeah like I like I said I before I even start I would eat an acorn a day if I could if that would have cured myself I would have been fine with doing that um the hardest thing I would say about being on a diet is uh the social aspect before I got this condition I never realized how how much intertwined we are like with food food and drink and it is so hard yeah it's hard dating people it's like going out on dates and I'm sure some of the guys are girls out there I mean let's think about it bro it's like you you you try to go on a date with a girl for like the first time you want to take him out somewhere you're like like there's you're on this diet like what are you gonna do so and for the first day it's like the easiest thing to go out you guys get hungry you go you know you want to get some Froyo you want to get some you want to get something but you can't and then you don't want to be on the first date explaining why you can't eat you know so it's like so it's difficult I get it some people are probably out there thinking the exact same way um well here's the other here's the thing you you just got over this whole thing right everything's just getting better right I will say this having you know personally dealt with this problem in my own life they're good they're go when you're in the pro-inflammatory state when you're just coming out of it you kind of want to stay on track right but as you've gone on with time right like let's say it's been a few months been a few years right your ability to quote unquote cheat or basically eat whatever you want like I eat whatever I want now I'm not like I'm not super strict anymore right but there were years of time where I had to be super strict right and once I figured out like hey it's not just a diet it's like I can now reset you know I have a healthy microbiome now which is very important my sleep my stress my exercise is like pretty good right so then when it comes to the diet I'm you know I I already told you the next thing we're going to be talking about the next thing we're going to be talking about is how you can that Froyo how you can yeah you know eat that dinner and how you cannot worry so much like is this gonna lead to my next Flair right because you have PTSD right you're just thinking like every food that comes into my mouth like I don't know what it's gonna do is it gonna cause me to have abdominal pain you know yeah and so I totally understand I understand that process and I think like some of the work we're probably going to be doing um from here forward but moving forward is trying to restore like kind of a more normal balance to your life I think that that's kind of something we're going to be focusing yeah that'd definitely be cool and I know we can always do another Zoom call yeah yeah another update yeah an update on and I've also taken videos um of of from day one of uh doing this diet up until great yeah so I've been taking videos so I'm like this is week one on the diet this is how I feel I you know how do I feel I feel good I feel whatever and then all you've also seen that whole list that I have of everything I've been eating every day that's great yeah the food Diaries are huge because you know every now and then I'll I'll meet someone that I work with that has a food intolerance to something super specific and you don't know what it is because allergies are rampant and they can manifest at any time right and so every now and then I'll find some something strange about individuals and then we'll go into and like explore that further thankfully for you that was not the case we we actually did pretty good but yeah that's why the food Diaries are super you gotta track it right you got to track everything yeah and that's part of why this this program is very intense it's not like you know you just sit around and I I'll see you when I see you kind of deal it's like you know you're bothering me or I'm bothering you like every day or every week it's definitely intense it's something that I mean to be honest it's it's a it's a pretty intense condition too it's not something to be taken lightly for um you know some of the people that are in if it takes if it takes those strong biologics to give some people remission I would imagine that it would be something difficult to put into remission even if it is holistic like a diet too so um but it's worth it you know like I always said health is the most important thing and it's worth it and getting your colon removed is not something that people should want to do and you know yourself and you always try to prevent it yeah I mean as much as I you know I'm a surgeon I make a living off of course moving off of removing things so this is a little bit bad for business but you know here's the thing like this is something I went through myself and it was I you know this is why I have such a strong interest in this and you know when I when I take on clients it's it's like I'm taking on somebody like it's like I'm taking on a friend you know so I'm talking to them I'm making sure that they see the results that they want to see I think when we first chatted I said you know you'll see maybe like you know the you know we'll try to get 50 to 80 resolution and I think I think you called me like on week four or five you're like I'm I'm doing great I don't think I was like great so we got 100 resolution in four weeks yeah I know wait really fast yeah I know this is somebody that's been like kind of you know you've had a fecal transplant your diets you've been through World experts you've been on biologics I mean I mean you've had this since you were 20 right I mean so this isn't some this isn't like a mild case right I mean so that's the power that's the power I think of like you know having a very whole like a like a complete comprehensive approach yeah and if other people want to know what I on the biologics I was on I I um I the first one was in tibio I did do in tibio um so if anyone else has been on tivio that worked for like a little bit and then I think my body created antibodies to it and it completely just uh got rid of it and didn't work anymore and that did Humera too um and the next one I was going to do was remin uh Remicade yeah Remicade um or uh the uh stelera those were the two options that I had those are the only other two medications that I never took out of all the other medications I took and that was the next one that was literally the one that I was gonna have to try and I could probably tell you it probably wouldn't have worked because none of the other ones ever worked for me but I know also it's also frustrating right like you have this you have this illness like you were totally healthy nothing wrong with you right in your teenage years you have this thing pop up out of the blue and um and your only option at that point is to take a pill it's like it's crazy right I mean and to think like had you gone down that path or like you just would have you it just would have been more and more frustration you would have probably still been sick you know hating the world oh yeah dude if if it would have kept getting to that point I don't even I don't know yeah it was it was difficult I mean going from like 20 to like suddenly dropping all your weight it was completely like your life changes but um you know you you learn things it develops you as a person develops your character um I'm definitely stronger because of it because it's funny when when especially like a problem or condition like this um when you have friends you know when they sell like your homies and stuff like that they uh always give you like little jokes and stuff like that so like when I would tell them do I go to colonoscopy and be like bro you had a camera up your butt like they'll make fun of me and stuff and it's funny you start laughing about it because at least it's something to laugh about you had someone else's poop put up there too yeah Pro I mean I know exactly and so so so like um it's it's difficult but um I think there's always there's always a solution it's just all about a mindset it's all mindset it's how it is a mindset shift and I think you were smart enough or at least impatient enough to just try to see if there was other Solutions there's another way that's really what I you know what this whole channel is about is to try to provide people with enough knowledge and enough skill set to try to do this on their own and you know like people can work with me directly if they want to try to fix these problems but I'm also trying to like deliver lot of value in terms of like what people know about the condition especially the root causes addressing these root causes in a very smart way instead of just you know just leaving it to chance or just saying like oh none of this really works I'm going to take a pill with you know as you know that that doesn't always work and you know what surgery doesn't always work either you know yeah so here we are you know it's um I'm I'm a surgeon who has had autoimmune disease and has had inflammatory bowel disease and you know here I am trying to advise patients like we I think we can you know we can do something about all this yeah I agree um I mean hopefully hopefully some other people uh can take from my experience because um you know going through every single drug I'm sure some of the other people have gone through similar yeah medications that I have uh so I think your journey I think sharing your journey with others is is very important and I'm I'm just really happy that you were able to to go into some really specific things here today yeah no I I hope uh you know I hope uh the other people because I remember the way I found you was I was sitting there with my Flair my condition I was like dude [ __ ] like I have no Direction until I was like let me let me figure out if I can find someone to just message them on Instagram or like YouTube see if they've posted something recent I was like I put the drop down and I was like last two weeks they posted last two weeks or last month I was like let me just get someone that's super recent let me like reach out to them and then yours popped up so I know there's other people that are probably gonna be thinking the same thing um and they're just looking for someone a message someone that's done it so hopefully well I've done it a lot I've done it I mean I've done it a lot I've done it on myself yeah I've got current clients like in the hundreds thousands you know over the last six years I mean people have done remarkably well and I'm just really happy that I'm able to give back in this way yeah definitely um and like I said I'm gonna probably give you the Instagram to put down I actually like when people reach out to me if especially if they're my age and they're trying to get into like bodybuilding at the same time having this condition because that was like my only focus I'm like do you have a hobby that like suddenly gets taken away from you if anyone else is in that situation it's hard it's hard you're like you're like building this physique you're like doing all this and then um yeah you're like you're a fitness nut man that was uh the difference yeah well you were very regimented and you really you really had that had everything dialed in when we spoke and so um I think that's really what what led to your success I think that was that's it's very definitely helped I'm actually thinking about doing a competition soon too I think um what you should uh once I uh once I can uh bulk up a little bit I'm trying to get I'm trying to get to 170 at the same body weight that or the same body percentage of body fat percentage that I'm at right now yeah um but in order to do that dude I I gotta start expanding my diet a little bit because right now this diet's keeping me very lean which is great but I just I just kind of want to bulk a little bit Yeah I think we can work on that I think that's definitely that's what we got to work on anyways so yeah yeah so it'll uh definitely work so yeah hopefully if anyone ever wants to reach out to well hey thank you so so much uh and I appreciate the updates this is great getting a nice like real week eight update on somebody that's just been going through this I think your story is going to help a lot of people I think it's going to inspire a lot of people and just seeing a real face of somebody that's that's really accomplished a lot in a short period of time with regards to inflammatory bowel I think um I think it's a good thing to see this yeah dude I I hope it helps people um like I know how hard it is to go through something like that so hopefully whoever whoever watches it gets even one person yeah you know uh can get through it um realize that just because uh I I know you're a doctor but just because other people are doctors and they tell you that you know

just because just because you hear from your doctor nothing can be done doesn't mean nothing can be done right so yeah exactly same goes to everything you know somebody says there's not a way to do it to find a way to do it basically so yeah find a way yeah exactly well we'll leave it on that man thank you all right man get it thanks for joining yeah no problem we'll talk soon we'll chat soon bye-bye so I hope you enjoyed that segment if you made it to the end and that was a long session with lots of helpful tips and helpful lessons but if you made it to the end and you enjoyed my content please don't forget to like And subscribe and if you think this video will help someone you know be sure to repost a link to this video and as always I'm Dr chanu dasri with the Mind gut immunity clinic and I'll see you next time

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