3 Natural Home Remedies [LUPUS CURE?] MD Specialist Explains

Have Lupus? Want to stop INFLAMMATION for good?

“Fuel the Mind, Heal the Gut, Reclaim Immunity”

Have Lupus? Want to stop INFLAMMATION for good?


Take care of your body!

If you have a dysfunctional immune system try these home remedies:

    1) Sleep Better

         a. Sleep Disturbances cause Inflammation

         b. Circadian rhythms control 15% of genes

         c. Restorative Sleep = REM + Deep Sleep

         d. Naps = Great

         e. Avoid stimulants late in the day

    2)   Exercise Regularly

         a. Exercise decreases inflammation, improves digestion, helps sleep

         b. Resistance + weights: 2x weekly (HIIT also ok, low impact cardio)

         c. Adjust exercise according to your ability (avoid injury).

    3)  Stress Management

         a. Meal-planning, calendars, outsourcing enforce boundaries

         b. Let go of certain obligations!






There are a whole host of conditions associated with dysfunctional sleep, stress, and exercise.  The  list includes: Eczema, Allergies, UTIs, Irritable Bowel (IBS), IBD, Crohn's/Colitis, SIBO, Candida, GERD, Viral illnesses, Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, ANA+, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder, Sjrogrens, Autoimmune Thyroiditis, Migraine Headache, Fatty Liver, Neuropathy, and Fibromyalgia


Although I am a licensed, and practicing surgeon, with over a decade of experience helping people overcome inflammatory disease,  the presented material is intended for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use your best judgment and consult with a healthcare professional regarding your needs.


"As always: Be TRUE to yourself. Surround yourself with people who affirm your wellbeing. Find a doctor who will slow down to listen. Find one who carefully considers your concerns and most of all--find one who cares."

Dr. Chanu R. Dasari MD

What are some natural home remedies to fix lupus?

That's the topic that will dive into today's video in this

video. I'll show you three high impact strategies that you

can start today at home naturally for

Lupus to start reversing inflammation fast.

We'll even review the scientific research and

go in depth to show how to resolve lupus simply.

Hi everyone. I'm Dr. Chano dossery. I help

my clients solve their immune inflammation and digestive dysfunction

using the Mind gut immunity method this

clinical approach has helped thousands of my patients resolve

their symptoms summon as little as six weeks without the

need for complex or costly interventions. If you're

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Video was taken Straight Out of My Mind good immunity

Academy where people just like you learn how

to beat their lupus symptoms for good.

Even when the diagnosis is unclear now, I'm going to

show you how to incorporate three easy natural home remedies to

relieve lupus inflammation fast. I'm

going to show you the science behind these methods and what actually works

and what to avoid. In addition. I'm gonna give you some

useful tips on how to start and how to plan your approach for addressing

lupus inflammation. Now before we go any further,

don't forget to like And subscribe and hit the notification Bell to

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And it's really helpful information that you probably won't get

anywhere else now onto the topic of natural

home remedies for Lupus the mistake

I see most people make is they get sucked into

just taking medications or relying on their doctors for help

while having a good physician is great. The truth

is there are several significant ways to decrease inflammation

on your own within your control which greatly

impact lupus symptoms and you may

be thinking what are these remedies? Well, let's talk about natural home

remedies by discussing three factors. You'll need

to optimize to solve lupus inflammation.

In training, we used to work 80 to 100 hours

a week for many years. So I've certainly experienced sleep

deprivation for long periods of time and I

can say that the lack of sleep really takes a

toll many of my friends and family also work

hard jobs and take care of kids and family. So prioritizing

good sleep can be tough, but actually getting good

sleep is not that hard.

There are several hard truths that you need to come to terms

with when it comes to sleep in my own life. I've experienced

almost every symptom of inflammation. So the topic

of sleep is near and dear to me and I hope I can

shed some light on this issue. It turns out sleep problems

are so common that only a quarter of adults actually

report getting good sleep on a continuous basis

the other 75% our experiencing

problems sometimes on a daily basis.

We know that sleep disturbance leads to inflammation due to

increases in cortisol tumor necrosis Factor Alpha

and interleukin 6, but did you know disturbances in

sleep are one of the strongest epigenetic triggers

of inflammation?

Circadian rhythms exert control on 15% of

our genes. That's the natural ebb

and flow our body tells us to follow

unfortunately things like work and family and stress

often get in the way.

Sleep affects the genes that control aging mood digestion

and immune inflammation basically every biologic function

that matters to us on a daily basis. So what

does restorative sleep look like? I like to

think of sleep in functional Parts deep sleep is

for tissue growth and healing

Rapid eye movement sleep or REM sleep is

important for learning and memory.

Together these two compromise what we call restorative sleep

which is typically around 40% of

the total sleep cycle.

Now obviously these ratios can change for example

many people notice that after a night of drinking alcohol. They

may not be a sharp arrested the following day. That's because

the alcohol affects the amount of restorative sleep you

get medications such as Ambien Benadryl

Xanax, which are typically used as

sleep aids also negatively alter these ratios and

cause cognitive decline over time caffeine is

another big one especially if it's consumed in

the afternoon or evening time.

exercise decreases inflammation

most people who deal with inflammation have very low energy

levels. They also deal with pain in the muscles and


So I'm aware that starting exercise may be difficult, but I

can also tell you that once you initiate some sort

of program, even if it's not very much. You'll start

to see changes. I think exercise serves a few purposes one.

It decreases inflammation.

It favorably affects the tnf alpha il-6 and

arachidonic acid pathways.

Second it improves sleep people who have

trouble falling asleep or staying asleep if they exercise during

the day and I mean really exercise to the

point of feeling tired after that. They're done. They do better when it comes

to bedtime.

They're just so exhausted that they fall asleep and stay asleep.

Three it decreases anxiety and stress exercise is

a potent inhibitor of the hormone cortisol.

Four it's decreased growth hormone, which stimulates your

body cells to adopt a more youthful metabolism.

Five, it improves digestion things move faster

through the colon. So what type of exercise is

the best?

I recommend high intensity interval

training two to three times per week and start

off with about 20 minutes.

You should also do some resistance and weight training two to

four times a week.

Start off with 20 minutes focus on large muscle


So things like squats lat pulldowns shoulder

presses leg curls.

What you should also start off with is maybe 10 minutes of low impact

cardio each day something like the StairMaster biking

running swimming depends on

if you have sore joints and muscles you may

have to adjust this accordingly a full workout routine

is beyond the scope of this training, but just start

something and start developing a full regimen as you

go. If you break a sweat at least three to four

times a week and work large muscle groups at least twice a

week. You can be pretty sure that you're inflammation will decrease

substantially and you'll feel better.

I realized that stress can play a big role in

inflammation for one. It can trigger the fight or flight

response which sends your body's cortisol levels skyrocketing.

It can also affect sleep diet and

overall Gene function. I find that many people work

hard jobs have Financial insecurity take care

of loved ones at home. So there are a lot of obligations that are being placed

higher than your own on the most basic level stress occurs

when expectations don't meet reality.

So you can either change expectations that would be

things like meal planning or calendars time management

Outsourcing setting boundaries or change

your reality which would mean letting go of certain

obligations and commitments and becoming more efficient basically leveling


This process can be difficult because it will

challenge your assumptions and long-held beliefs.

I'm actually saying let go of some of your obligations especially if

they're impacting your health going from unwell and

sick to healthy is a transformative process and

sometimes it requires some real changes to alleviate stress

in your life. I've seen people have to take an

easier work schedule so that they can have more time at home.

I've seen people tell loved ones that they can't take care of

them like they used to and this can be especially hard for parents with young

children. Many times kids are the reason they can't

sleep at night or can't eat healthy food in the house. My response

to this is don't totally abandon all your obligations and

responsibilities, but set boundaries and set

expectations for what is reasonable and don't beat

yourself up. If you don't meet some high standard, you can't

always do everything even for your own kids or loved ones.

Ask for help kids are one thing but it gets

even harder sometimes dealing with older adults frankly. Sometimes there's

a spouse or a partner or a family member. That's just


Pulling their weight and is in fact creating more work for

you. It's okay to say no. It's okay

to ask for help. It's also okay to take a

step back from certain relationships and set healthy boundaries. The

reality is our bodies tell us when we're wrong

when we're doing things that we're not supposed to be doing.

Whether it's the food we eat or the company we

keep or the types of work that we do or the types of

relationship that we have or the amount of sleep that we get all of

these things affect our health and if there's something

in your life that's preventing you from achieving that goal. Then you

need to take a hard look at it and see what can be

done and I'm happy to tell you a little bit about my own life. I've had

to give up a lot of friendships over the years because of the burden of

maintaining some of these relationships. We're causing harm to

my own health even family members. I've had to establish boundaries

with to make sure I know what I'm comfortable dealing with

Just because their family doesn't mean they have the permission to invade

your life with work. I used to work crazy hours

for the hospital until I realized that the lack of

sleep and the lack of exercise and the inability to

plan meals was really taking a toll.

What good is it if you perform at your job or company,

but your body takes a beat down for it your company or

business benefits, but you won't be able to maintain that

for very long.

Also, it comes down to a self-respect issue. If you

care about yourself, you will not subject yourself to certain things.

Even if it means sacrificing short-term to get

a long-term benefit.

Obviously things like counseling therapy Church

social activities and groups help, but I

found that unless you're willing to do the inner work

to understand what your body really needs and why

unless you're really willing to grow as an individual. You

will not see lasting change. All right.

I hope you enjoyed that video. Now. I want to know what

works for you. What have you tried at home

that actually improves lupus symptoms. Let me

know in the comments below if you like this video help support

my channel by sharing this with your fellow loved ones

and be sure to subscribe for more useful tips on Lupus. This

is Dr. Chanu donster with the mind good Community Clinic and

I'll see you next time.

Key takeaways

1) Sleep Better

         a. Sleep Disturbances cause Inflammation

         b. Circadian rhythms control 15% of genes

         c. Restorative Sleep = REM + Deep Sleep

         d. Naps = Great

         e. Avoid stimulants late in the day

    2)   Exercise Regularly

         a. Exercise decreases inflammation, improves digestion, helps sleep

         b. Resistance + weights: 2x weekly (HIIT also ok, low impact cardio)

         c. Adjust exercise according to your ability (avoid injury).

    3)  Stress Management

         a. Meal-planning, calendars, outsourcing enforce boundaries

         b. Let go of certain obligations!

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