Treating Ulcerative Colitis

The gastrointestinal system contains over 70% of the body’s immune cells. So when immune dysfunction occurs, the bowels suffer. Ulcerative Colitis manifests with inflammation of the colon. It can begin in the rectum (end of the colon) and spread to other areas.

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Main Symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis

Because the gut is so closely intertwined with the brain and nervous system, the mind-gut-immunity connection is recognized as a major contributor of intestinal disease.

Inflamed Colon
Inflamed Rectum
Fatigue, Brain Fog, Exhaustion
Inflamed Gallbladder, Bile Ducts
Trouble Concentrating
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You may be frustrated by the lack of clear information on the topic. Typically the Ulcerative Colitis diagnosis is made with a colonoscopy or genetic test but the conclusions from either one of these studies can be inconclusive.

Colonoscopy- A biopsy is taken of the inflamed areas of the colon. If you undergo a bowel prep and do not have inflammation at the time of the study, you may get a false-negative result that underestimates the severity of illness. Genetic test- Screens for some of the gene clusters involved, but cannot determine which genes have been activated and which ones remain dormant.

Getting an accurate and reliable diagnosis can be difficult. Years of precious time can go by, until a reliable treatment strategy is found. A comprehensive approach to heal the gut and reset immunity is needed to successfully manage ulcerative colitis without medications. With a carefully targeted approach, that uses the best strategies, you can undo the damage of colitis inflammation in as little as several weeks to months.Observe Real Case Studies of People who Beat Inflammation.

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Our way

The Mind-Gut-Immunity Method is helpful:

When your diagnosis is unclear
you may have some questions regarding your diagnosis. Fear not, Mind-Gut-Immunity is here to help you understand and treat your symptoms
When your symptoms worsen
There are cases where your symptoms may worsen over time when not treated correctly. Luckily, Mind-Gut-Immunity Clinic is here to help guide you on how to treat them correctly.
When your doctor misses something
Doctors can miss something with your diagnosis due to many patients or they miss it, With Mind-Gut-Immunity you can be assured we review each case as its own.
When you are tired of medications
Medications can be tiresome, and annoying to refill and keep track of. Mind-Gut-Immunity brings a whole new Holistic approach to your diagnosis.
When you want relief fast
With Mind-Gut-Immunity, we offer a holistic approach that uses science backed data to bring you relief based on your symptoms fast.
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The Mind-Gut-Immunity Method provides:

Clear, actionable information, powered by the latest research.
Easy to miss strategies for turning “OFF” bad genes and avoiding epigenetic triggers.
A useful tool for tracking progress, and identifying root causes of disease.
A reliable plan for reversing inflammation in weeks.
A long-term solution for reversing illness permanently.
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