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When your immune system mistakenly launches an attack on your own tissue, an indication of Antinuclear-antibody (ANA) positivity, it is often a key sign of lupus. Since not everyone with lupus will test ANA+, diagnosis can be very challenging. As a noted lupus expert, Dr. Dasari will help you navigate these challenges and discover an approach to managing your lupus symptoms through specialized, and patient personalized care.

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Identifying Lupus Symptoms

Unexplained fatigue and cognitive difficulties
Skin rashes and joint discomfort
Digestive disturbances and abdominal bloating
Circulatory issues like cold fingertips and dry eyes
Sensory changes, such as numbness and tingling
Reproductive health concerns
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Diagnosis: The Lupus Puzzle

Diagnosing lupus extends beyond identifying antinuclear antibodies (ANA). Many individuals may not show lab evidence of lupus for years, despite having symptoms. Dr. Dasari’s expertise is crucial in navigating these complexities to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plans.

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The Mind-Gut-Immunity Method: Holistic Lupus Care by Dr. Dasari

Dr. Dasari leads the Mind-Gut-Immunity Clinic with a focus on a holistic approach to lupus care. This method goes beyond conventional treatments, targeting the root causes of lupus through strategies that may reduce or eliminate the need for medication, thus empowering patients to lead healthier lives.

Why Choose Dr. Dasari at Mind-Gut-Immunity in Summerlin?

Dr. Dasari is dedicated to providing personalized care, whether you're seeking clarity on your diagnosis, experiencing worsening symptoms, or searching for an effective treatment plan. His approach includes:

Comprehensive, research-backed information
Strategies to modulate gene activity and minimize lupus triggers
Tools for monitoring progress and uncovering root causes
Plans to reduce inflammation and reverse illness quickly
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