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Recognized as a complex condition, lupus involves the immune system attacking your own tissue, often signaled by anti-nuclear-antibody (ANA) positivity. However, diagnosing lupus can be challenging as not all individuals with symptoms test ANA+, which highlights the need for specialized care from an experienced lupus specialist like Dr. Dasari. At the Mind-Gut-Immunity Clinic in Henderson, you will learn to create a path to effectively managing your lupus symptoms with the guidance and specialized care you need.

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Symptoms of Lupus to Watch For

Persistent fatigue and brain fog
Skin rashes and joint pain
Digestive issues and abdominal bloating
Circulation problems, such as cold fingertips
Dry, irritated eyes
Nerve-related symptoms like numbness and tingling
Issues affecting fertility and libido
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Accurate Diagnosis: Beyond ANA Testing

While most healthcare professionals start with an autoimmune panel to detect antinuclear antibodies (ANA), lupus often remains undiagnosed until symptoms escalate significantly. Dr. Dasari's expertise relies on more than just ANA detection and is vital in navigating these complexities to ensure an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Delayed diagnosis equals delayed symptom management, which Dr. Dasari makes a top priority to prevent.

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Rethinking Treatment: Beyond Medication

The conventional focus on testing and medication often fails to address the underlying triggers of lupus. At the Mind-Gut-Immunity Clinic, led by Dr. Dasari, we emphasize a holistic approach to managing these triggers and symptoms effectively. This can potentially reduce, or eliminate, the need for medication.

The Mind-Gut-Immunity Method: A Holistic Approach for Henderson Residents

Whether you're dealing with an unclear diagnosis, worsening symptoms, or ineffective treatment plans, Dr. Dasari and our team of lupus specialists near Henderson are here to offer a new perspective. Our holistic method focuses on:

Understanding and managing your unique symptoms
Utilizing evidence-based strategies to modulate gene expression and minimize triggers
Providing tools for monitoring your progress and identifying root causes
Offering a reliable plan to reduce inflammation and reverse illness over time
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Are you ready to take control of your lupus management with a lupus specialist in Henderson? Dr. Dasari and the Mind-Gut-Immunity Clinic are committed to providing clear, actionable guidance and a comprehensive strategy for long-term health improvement.

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