Addressing Allergies at Their Root in Henderson

If you're seeking effective allergy treatment in Henderson, the Mind-Gut-Immunity Clinic offers a comprehensive approach to managing all types of allergies-seasonal, environmental, and food. Led by Dr. Dasari, a respected allergy specialist, we focus on treating the underlying causes of histamine overproduction and intolerance, which are often rooted in gut health.

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Symptoms of Allergies

Fatigue, brain fog, and exhaustion
Dry or watery eyes
Sinus pressure
Food intolerance and abdominal pain
Swelling and sweating
Skin redness and hives
Itching or pain
Difficulty swallowing and throat pain
Asthma or respiratory issues
Abdominal bloating
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Diagnosis and Understanding Allergies

Allergies can be complex to diagnose due to varying symptoms and the often misleading results of traditional allergy tests. Our clinic uses various diagnostic tools, including allergy, blood, food sensitivity, environmental, mold testing, and stool studies to check for Candida or bacterial overgrowth. Using these results as a guide for altering histamine levels is crucial to developing a comprehensive treatment plan for our patients suffering from allergies.

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Our way

The Mind-Gut-Immunity Method for Allergies in Henderson

Our method includes:

Clear, actionable information based on the latest research
Strategies for reducing histamine production and managing inflammation
Tools to track progress and identify root causes of allergies
A reliable plan for reversing inflammation and reducing allergic responses
Long-term solutions to manage and potentially reverse allergies permanently
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Why Choose Dr. Dasari for Allergy Care in Henderson?

Unclear Diagnosis: Clarifying complex allergy cases with thorough diagnostic approaches.
Medication Fatigue: Providing alternatives to reduce or eliminate dependency on allergy medications.
Worsening Symptoms: Tailoring treatments to manage and improve escalating symptoms effectively.
Desire for Rapid Relief: Offering strategies that provide fast relief from allergy symptoms.
Missed Medical Issues: Ensuring comprehensive evaluations to capture all health aspects.
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