Treating Allergies

Seasonal allergies, environmental allergies, and food allergies all share one thing in common: Histamine overproduction and intolerance. Typically a special type of white blood cells called mast cells release histamine, which signals to the body to start creating inflammation. Unfortunately, the inflammation affects all parts of the body, not just one.


Why you should always be proactive

Avoiding triggers may be one strategy for mitigating an allergic response, but a daily preventative strategy to minimize histamine production in the body seems to be the most thoughtful approach. Most histamine in the body is made in the intestine by microbes. So gut health plays an outsized role in mitigating and preventing allergies.

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Depending on your allergies you can experience:

Fatigue, Brain fog, and Exhaustion
Dry or watery eyes
Sinus pressure
Food Intolerance and Belly Pain
Swelling and Sweating
Redness of the Skin and Hives
Itching or Pain
Trouble swallowing and throat pain
Asthma or Trouble breathing
Abdominal bloating
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Allergies can be a tough one, because you may have first encountered them many years ago. The symptoms are often changing, and sometimes without a noticeable pattern. A variety of tests are available to further understand the root cause.
Allergy Testing- frequently end up with many false test results Blood Testing- will sometimes point to the levels of eosinophil in the blood Food Sensitivity Testing- also frequently end up with many false test results Environmental, Mold testing- Stool studies.To look for Candida, bacterial overgrowth.

These tests in general yield mixed results because of the always-changing histamine levels in the bloodstream. The results are also often confounded if you have recently taken allergy medications.

Allergy tests frequently misidentify the root cause, and do not produce a reliable strategy for overcoming allergies, without a need for taking medications, for good. A more comprehensive and thoughtful approach to histamine overproduction involves addressing all components of inflammation in the body and can be done quite easily with the right guidance.

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The Mind-Gut-Immunity Method is helpful:

When your diagnosis is unclear
When you are tired of medications
When your symptoms worsen
When you want relief fast
When your doctor misses something
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The Mind-Gut-Immunity Method provides:

Clear, actionable information, powered by the latest research.
A reliable plan for reversing inflammation in weeks.
Easy to miss strategies for turning “OFF” bad genes and avoiding epigenetic triggers.
A long-term solution for reversing illness permanently.
A useful tool for tracking progress, and identifying root causes of disease.
A long-term solution for reversing illness permanently.
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