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The mind-gut-immunity clinic is an inclusive health education portal committed to offering material that is both actionable and reliable for patients who struggle with illness


Our mission

The mind-gut-immunity clinic is an inclusive health education portal committed to offering material that is both actionable and reliable for patients who struggle with illness. The content comes from peer-reviewed sources from top research institutions and is presented in an easy-to-understand format. Like most high-impact public health initiatives, our emphasis is on modifying preventable risk factors that are the root causes of disease.

Our project began when a group of health leaders came together and realized that providing accurate information in a clinical setting is often challenging, given the current nature of healthcare. We realize that imparting helpful knowledge takes time and patience, so the online format is well suited for this goal.

The initial course offerings are geared towards ten of the most common inflammatory disorders that people struggle with. We purposefully chose to start with these complex conditions that can be difficult to treat–because undoing the root causes makes a significant impact on a patient’s trajectory. As we continue our efforts, we hope to expand our selection of courses in the near future.

Want to partner with us?

If you are a healthcare professional or wellness leader, you are invited to partner with us to help expand the project’s reach.


Where is the information from? How reliable/complete is it?

Over 1000 peer-reviewed research papers from top institutions were used to create the training courses, which are designed to give very clear, actionable information. Our understanding of disease processes is changing every day, and we regularly update these resources with the latest findings. The resources are meant to pair well with your team of healthcare professionals to help manage your condition.

I am not sure about my diagnosis, how should I proceed?

Thankfully many of the interventions are designed to improve overall health, and can be implemented even when the diagnosis is unclear. In many cases, inflammation presents itself in different, changing ways, but can be alleviated using the same proven strategies. Also, you should continue to work closely with your health care team to better understand your condition.

My doctors are not communicating well with me, what should I do?

It’s important to find a doctor who will slow down and take the time to listen. It’s also important to find one who can communicate well and clearly answer your concerns. If you are having problems with your healthcare provider, please give them feedback and let them know of your concerns. If the problems do not get fixed in a satisfactory way, look into other options.

I am an individual who struggles with an inflammatory condition (Immune, Digestive, Dermatologic, Neurologic). I would like to reverse my disease process and learn the root causes. Where do I start?

The homepage navigation menu has a list of conditions, which currently have course offerings. Join a free training session to learn about the Mind-Gut-Immunity Method for solving immune inflammation.

Is the information reliable?

The methods discussed are based on academic findings from published, open-source research, and are utilized by medical professionals who regularly treat inflammatory disorders. The Mind-Gut-Immunity Clinic, and corresponding Mind-Gut-Immunity Academy, is not associated with any singular entity, but utilizes scientific studies from top universities, medical centers, and institutions.

I am a healthcare professional, and want my patients to benefit from these courses. Where do I start?

If you are a healthcare professional or wellness leader, and would like to partner with us, please submit an inquiry to info@MGIclinic.com

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Proud Client

Highly Recommend!

Within 3 months,all of my symptoms have disappeared. Dr. Dasari’s mind gut immunity program is the real deal.

Donald S

Proud Client

...I Noticed a HUGE difference.

I was diagnosed with my condition for several years. I started the mind-gut-immunity program and within 1 month, I noticed a huge difference!

George G.

Proud Client

Truly Remarkable!

I had no idea how hard it would be to find accurate information on my condition. There is so much information out there, It’s very hard to sort it all out. I’m so happy that Dr. Dasari has compiled this information into a program. Truly remarkable.